We’ve truly heard it all here at The Lott and the reactions of last weekend’s Superdraw winners was no different.  

From those who were completely and utterly speechless, to ones who almost wet themselves, the latest Superdraw winners certainly had interesting receptions to the exciting news!  

Aussies were eager to have a chance to win a share of the $20 million prize in the first Superdraw of 2023, and we have no doubt those that did win division one had super weekends.  

Here’s a rundown of how the wins landed:  

  • 16 winning entries shared the division one prize pool of $20 million, scoring $1.25 million each! 
  • Of the 16 of the division one winning entries, six landed in Victoria, four in New South Wales and three each in Queensland and Western Australia.   
  • The winning numbers in draw 4337 on 11 February 2023 were 4, 21, 7, 20, 22, 19, while the supplementary numbers were 16 and 17.  
  • There were over 2.3 million wins in divisions 2 to 6 who collectively took home more than $25 million in prize money. Make sure you check your tickets to see if you had a win!   

One of our favourite winning reactions came from a Lalor woman who was so surprised she almost wet her pants!  

“I’m shaking with excitement!” she cheered. 

“I received a phone call from my parents on the weekend about my TattsLotto entry. The ticket was at their house, so they decided to check it for me. 

“I started to cry, and I nearly wet my pants! My mum couldn’t even get out of her chair – she felt too dizzy! 

“This is life-changing!” 

Meanwhile, another Superdraw winner was completely unaware of her windfall until we called her this morning and she was left speechless!

“I haven’t checked my entry yet. Are you sure you have the right person?” she asked. 

“This is going to transform my life. I’m speechless, I need to sit down! 

“I know I’m going to look after my family, prepare for the future and enjoy the rest of my life. 

“Thank you so much.” 

In addition to our new Superdraw millionaires, a syndicate of 20 thrilled players from Ayr in Queensland also scored a slice of the division one prize pool. 

They all share their Lotto loot and each pocket $64,925.05 — quite a nice boost to start the week. 

A huge congratulations to all our Superdraw winners! Don’t forget there’s more chances to become a Saturday Lotto millionaire, with an estimated division one prize pool of $5 million up for grabs in the next draw. 

Play today for your chance to win!