An Adelaide couple have revealed that a tarot card reading and a premonition inspired their winning numbers which won them $1.5 million in X Lotto $30 Million Megadraw. 

The $30 Million Megadraw, drawn on 30 December, was X Lotto’s biggest event of 2017, and there were 21 winning entries across Australia that each won a division one prize of more than $1.4 million. 

As well as winning the division one prize of $1,428,571.43, the couple’s System 9 marked entry also won divisions two, three, four and five bolstering their total prize to $1,505,819.88. 

When speaking with the SA Lotteries official this morning to confirm their win, the thrilled woman expressed disbelief at the prize. 

“I couldn’t have imagined a better start to 2018! It’s a lucky year for us!” she exclaimed. 

“We’d just finished breakfast and my partner said he checked his entry and he hadn’t won so I thought I’d better go and check mine on the internet. 

“I check it and all the flashing rainbows came up and I said ‘oh what’s that! Holy smoke!’. 

“I just can’t believe it. I cried when I saw it! I said to my partner ‘can you check this?’ and he did! 

“I looked because she didn’t believe it, but I said ‘It’s right there! 1.5 million!’,” the partner added. 

When asked how the over-the-moon couple planned to spend their X Lotto windfall, the woman admitted they had already made plans. 

“Up until now I still can’t believe it. It’s really a good time for us because of course the money will help a lot,” she explained. 

“We actually bought an apartment off the plan recently, so we’ll pay the mortgage right off, it’s exactly what we need. Instead of a big mortgage we can pay cash for it. 

“We can also pay off some outstanding bills and we’ve already booked a cruise in Europe, but we’ll be able to pay for that with our winnings and have a bit of extra pocket money. 

“It will be used for all the right reasons in a good way, we won’t be wasting it!” the partner added. 

The couple also revealed the unusual circumstances that lead to them picking the winning numbers on their System 9 marked entry. 

“My sister texted me two months ago and she said to me that she had a premonition that these numbers would be lucky for me,” the woman explained. 

“She also had a reading from a tarot card reader that one of her sisters would win X Lotto so I used three numbers from her premonition and the others were spur of the moment numbers. 

“I went to play my System 9, and the funny thing is that I filled an entry first and made a mistake. So I decided to crumple up that form and start again. 

“On the next form I changed the numbers after remembering my sister’s premonition numbers and added in the others. 

“It was meant to be!” The winners confessed to keeping their celebrations low key. 

“We still can’t believe it! We didn’t even celebrate! We couldn’t get a reservation for dinner on New Year’s Eve so we just had some nice seafood at home and a drink afterwards,” the woman said. 

The winning System 9 marked entry was purchased from OTR North Terrace, 143-154 North Terrace, Adelaide. 

South Australia claimed two of the division one prizes with the winning entries purchased with the other entry from Riverton Newsagency, 36 Torrens Road, Riverton in the states Mid North. 

The entry is not registered to an EasiPlay Club Card which means SA Lotteries officials have no way of contacting the winner with life-changing news and have to wait for the winner to make contact to confirm the win. SA lotteries is urging all X Lotto players to check their entries as soon as possible and to contact SA Lotteries on 131 868 if they think they have the division one winning entry. 

Throughout Australia, there were 21 entries that won a division one prize of $1.428 million in the $30 Million Megadraw (draw 3803) on Saturday 30 December 2017. 

Four of the division one winning entries were purchased in Queensland, three from New South Wales, five from Victoria, two from Tasmania, two from South Australia, and five from Western Australia. 

The six winning numbers in the $30 Million Megadraw (draw 3803) on Saturday 30 December, 2017 were 6, 30, 9, 35, 27 and 37, while the supplementary numbers were 4 and 14. 

The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 225 so far this financial year, including 18 won by SA Lotteries customers.