New Aussie multi-millionaires have been unsure whether to laugh, cry, or hang up on us today as we confirmed the news of their incredible Superdraw windfalls! 

Ten winning entries scored division one in Lotto’s Superdraw Saturday and share a slice of the $20 million prize — each taking home $2 million. 

New South Wales came in as the top winning Superdraw state, landing four of the division one wins. Queensland players scored three winning entries, while two landed in Victoria and one in Western Australia.  

Emotions have been running high as the winners start to come to terms with their $2 million prize. 

For a Campbelltown man, his immediate thought was that it must be a hoax! 

“Bullsh*t! Who is this? You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m serious, you had better not be messing with me,” he exclaimed when we called him this morning.

When he finally checked the results for himself, his suspicion turned to glee. 

“No way! It is real! I’ve won two million dollars! Haha!”

Among our other winners was an overjoyed Cleveland woman, who will be honouring a long-held pact and sharing the prize with her sister, and an emotional Paramatta mum who described her win as a dream come true. 

The weekend’s draw also bought together colleagues, friends and community members who are all celebrating their shared Lotto loot. Thanks to their winning syndicate entries, a group of nine Strathfield workmates, and a happy bunch of locals from Sunshine in Victoria are starting the month with a slice of the Superdraw division one prize.

However, a few of our Superdraw winners are currently a mystery and we’re eagerly waiting to unite them with their multi-million-dollar prize. 

If you had an entry into the weekend’s Superdraw, you have $2 million reasons to check your ticket today! 

The winning numbers in Lotto’s Superdraw Saturday draw 4099 on Saturday 31 October 2020 were 19, 4, 26, 27, 34 and 13, while the supplementary numbers were 6 and 15.