Three $3.3 million Saturday Lotto division one wins have landed in New South Wales from the weekend’s $40 Million Megadraw – one to a Denistone dad, another to a Nabiac man and one shared by a syndicate of 17 people.

There were 12 division one winning entries nationally in Saturday Lotto draw 4325, drawn Saturday 31 December 2022. Each division one winning entry pocketed $3,333,333.34.

“Bloody hell! This will be our year!”: Denistone man sets his sights on a winning 2023 with $3.3 million prize

A dad from Denistone in Sydney has already begun hunting for his first family home after entering 2023 as a newly-minted multi-millionaire from the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw.

“We had been celebrating New Year’s Eve and didn’t get home until about 2am,” he explained to us.

“I just thought I’d check my ticket. When I saw it, my wife initially thought something bad had happened. She asked, ‘what’s wrong?’.

“I had The Lott app open in my hand, my hands were shaking, and when she saw it, we just started jumping up and down.

“We tried to sleep after that but didn’t get much. I’ve logged into the app to look at the ticket about a thousand times. I just have to keep pinching myself to see that I’m not dreaming.

“I actually bought this ticket using a win I had on Saturday Lotto the week before!

“Every year around New Year’s Eve, I say, ‘this is going to be our year’, and bloody hell, this will be our year!

“We’ve got young kids, and we want to be in a position where we set them up for life.

“First thing’s first, we’ll get our own roof over our heads and no longer rent, and then everything else is the cream on top.”

The man’s System 8 entry was purchased online at – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.

Nabiac man and his wife burst into tears at $3.3 million Saturday Lotto revelation

A couple from Nabiac believe they’ve had the perfect start to 2023 after discovering they scored $3.3 million in Saturday Lotto.

The duo were oblivious to their good fortune until attempts to contact them on New Year’s Day prompted them to check their ticket.

“I always hoped I would get a call like this,” the man exclaimed while his wife cried tears of joy in the background.

“It’s awesome!

“I wish you were here to give you a hug.

“I was in the shower when you first called.  Straight up, I thought it was a scam. I thought, ‘why would someone be calling me on New Year’s Day?’.

“Then I looked at my ticket on The Lott app. Oh my god! I can’t believe it.

“I said to my wife, ‘tell me this says three million dollars, not three thousand dollars!’.”

Remarkably, the man shared he only bought his winning entry minutes before the draw’s close on Saturday night.

“We don’t know exactly what we’ll do with it all just yet – we haven’t got that far. It’s life-changing, that’s for sure and a sign of good things to come.

“I’m still shaking.”

The man’s 50-game QuickPick entry was purchased online at – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.