With the start of September and spring tomorrow, the Lott is calling on Australian adults to conduct a Lotto Spring Clean around their homes, workplaces, cars and wallets to unearth and dust off old unchecked Lotto tickets and see if they’ve already won division one.

The call is a timely reminder for Australian adults buying an entry in this Saturday’s $20 Million Superdraw on 2 September 2017 to register their entry so they can be contacted with the dream-come-true news.

Across Australia, there are currently seven unclaimed division one prizes worth more than $9.795 million.

The prizes date back up to six years, but are still able to be claimed by their rightful owner armed with the winning ticket.Since these division one winning entries were unregistered, the Lott has no way of identifying or contacting the mystery winners and spring cleaning their finances by uniting them with their prizes.

Instead, is the Lott is eagerly waiting for the ticketholders to check their entries and come forward to claim their prize.Queenslanders seem to be the most reluctant to claim their windfalls, with more than half of the nation’s unclaimed division one prizes coming from entries bought in the Sunshine State.

There are also two unclaimed division prizes in New South Wales and one in Victoria.

South Australians are the most diligent in collecting their division one wins as there are currently no unclaimed division one prizes in the state.

The Lott spokesperson Elissa Lewis said to date this year several Australians had discovered they won division one several months or even a year earlier after uncovering unchecked Lotto tickets.

“From old shopping bags and fridge doors, to car gloveboxes and sock drawers, Lotto players have a history of storing Lotto tickets in weird and wonderful places,” she said.

“There are millions of reasons why a Lotto Spring Clean around your home could be well worth your while!

“If you discover you’re the owner of a winning entry, phone us as soon as possible on 131 868 to start the prize claim process.

”With Saturday’s $20 Million Superdraw expect to anoint a new batch of division one winners, Ms Lewis urged everyone to register their entries to ensure they were never in the dark about a win.

“Superdraw Saturday Lotto events are scheduled throughout the year and offer customers a super-sized division prize pool.

This year alone the five Superdraw events have created 54 new millionaires across Australia!

“The Lotto Spring Clean is a timely reminder to anyone purchasing a Lotto entry to register their tickets so their prize is secure and we can call them with the life changing news.

When your entry is registered, there’s no danger of being in the dark about your win!

”Last financial year, there were 87 Saturday division one winning entries in the Lott jurisdictions from the eight Superdraws and Megadraw, who shared a total of more than $176 million in prize money.

Tickets in the Lott’s $20 Million Superdraw are on sale now and can be purchased until 7:30pm AEST on Saturday 2 September from any official lottery outlet, online from thelott.com, or via thelott app.

The amount of time division one winners have to claim their prize varies from state to state.

Queenslanders have up to seven years after the draw to claim their prize, while New South Welshmen have up to six years. Victorian winners have six months after the draw date to collect their prize directly from Tatts.