Over 300 Saturday Lotto Superdraw players finished last financial year counting their division one dollars, but who will kick off FY21 with Superdraw success?

This Saturday, 25 July 2020, Lotto’s $20 million Superdraw Saturday is back and we’re bracing ourselves for an exciting weekend. If previous Superdraws are anything to go by, this special event draw will see a bunch of new Aussie winners share a slice of that coveted $20 million division one prize!

But before we get too beside ourselves thinking about who our future winners might be, we’ve taken a quick look back at our Superdraw winners from the past. 

From our top winning Superdraw states, to the biggest Superdraw prizes — we’ve delved into last financial year’s Superdraw data and unearthed all the ways those millions landed. 

A super 12 months of Superdraw winners! 
From 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, Saturday Lotto served up six Superdraws, offering players across the country the chance to share in $20 million for each special event draw.

From these six Superdraws, 79 entries across the country held all the winning numbers needed to take home division one. Together they shared in a massive $120 million in division one prize money. 

Of these, 45 winners became overnight millionaires taking home a prize worth one-million-dollars or greater! However, that winning feeling definitely rippled out to give even more Aussies a taste of the Superdraw pie. 

As well as the dozens of individual division one winning ticket-holders, there were also 271 thrilled players from 9 syndicates who shared their Lotto Superdraw loot. In total, 340 Aussie players pocketed a slice of a Superdraw division one prize. And with so many winners telling us they would be sharing their windfall with their nearest and dearest, we have no doubt even more Aussies were delighting in some Superdraw celebrations. 

Top winning Superdraw States
While a win can land anywhere, the last 12 months saw Victoria have the most Superdraw success. Victorian players held 29 of the 79 winning Superdraw entries, far more than any other state. 

New South Wales players came in second, snapping up 16 division one wins, while Western Australia snagged 13 division one wins in the last 12 months. 

Not far behind was Queensland with 10 division one Superdraw wins and South Australia with eight; the Northern Territory scored two winning Superdraw entries and one went to a thrilled Tassie player turned millionaire. 

Only time will tell where our next group of Superdraw division one winners will land! 

Who wants to be a multi-millionaire!?
We’ve already mentioned that 45 Aussies became millionaires from the six Superdraws during last financial year — but how about multimillionaires?! After all, it’s not called a Superdraw for nothing. 

Last August, six ecstatic players scored a Superdraw division one prize worth a huge $2.8 million each— the biggest Superdraw prize from the financial year. Then in February this year, another spectacular Superdraw saw seven players become multimillionaires with a $2.5 million division one prize. 

We’ll be eagerly waiting to see just how many winners, and how big of a prize this weekend’s Superdraw delivers.  

Grab your tickets instore, online, or via the official Lott app before the draw closes 7pm AEST Saturday 25 July. 

You don’t want to miss Lotto’s $20 million Superdraw Saturday!