The perseverance of 27 professionals from Modbury bore fruit on the weekend after their private syndicate scored a triumphant $535,000 win in Saturday X Lotto.

The Adelaide players held one of the 10 division one winning entries nationally in Saturday X Lotto draw 4395, drawn Saturday 19 August 2023 and pocketed a total prize of $535,082.90.

The private syndicate leader relayed how she orchestrated the winning group at the beginning of the year and managed the syndicate’s entry each month.

“Woo-hoo! How good!” she laughed.

“I checked the results on Saturday night, and I couldn’t believe it. I said out loud, ‘No! That can’t be!’.

“It’s shared amongst the 27 of us at work so everyone will be receiving a $19,000 share of the prize, which is amazing. It’s made a lot of people at work quite happy over the weekend.

“I started the work syndicate about June last year and I rounded more people in at the start of this year.

“We all put in $10 a month for a QuickPick in X Lotto, Oz Lotto or Powerball and divide it evenly. I change it up now and then.

“We usually put our monthly winnings in a tin and at the end of the year we divide it and do something fun as a group but now we will be able to each enjoy a share of the prize!

“It’s funny because I turned around to another colleague earlier this month and I said, ‘God, I have to go buy another X Lotto entry. It’s like a part-time job!’.

“But it’s nice to see people in the workplace have faith in me and they trust me with the syndicate.

“It’s life-changing for many.”

The winning woman admitted the syndicate members had spent their weekends planning how to enjoy their slice of the division one prize with new houses and cars on the horizon.

“Someone in the crew is about to have a baby and we have some young ones who are looking to buy their first homes,” she shared.

“Another member is looking to buy themselves a brand-new car which is exciting.

“My share of the prize will go towards the children – braces, school fees. It’s a nice bonus.”

Their winning 25-game QuickPick was purchased at Plaza Newsagency¸ Shops 22 & 23 Tea Tree Plaza, 976 North East Road, Modbury.