An emotional Kilkenny couple’s dream of becoming grey nomads and travelling around the world can now come true after scoring $2.9 million in the weekend’s Saturday X Lotto draw. 

The South Australians held one of the two division one winning entries in Saturday X Lotto draw 4163, drawn Saturday 12 June 2021. 

The Adelaide winners said the discovery had made them incredibly emotional. 

“I am so sorry. I can’t stop crying,” the winning man admitted. 

“We found out on Saturday night. We always check the numbers online after the draw and we just couldn’t believe it. 

“We’ve been using the same numbers for years and years, so we knew they were our numbers straight away. 

“When we found out, we burst into tears. We kept saying ‘no, it can’t be!’. 

“We haven’t stopped crying since then. It’s such an amazing feeling! 

“We’re multi-millionaires – that’s fantastic. 

“You know, we certainly aren’t rich people, and we haven’t been able to buy a house or anything like that, so for us, this changes absolutely everything!” 

When asked how they intended to enjoy their multi-million-dollar windfall, the winning man said they’d spent the weekend making a plan. 

“First thing we will do is buy ourselves a house,” he explained. 

“We want to help the kids as well and invest some for our future retirement. 

“We aren’t going to retire yet, but. We will keep working for a few years, but this definitely gets us one step closer to our dream of being grey nomads! 

“So we’d like to get ourselves a caravan in the future so we can travel. 

“We aren’t going to go crazy, but we will certainly enjoy it.” 

The winning entry was purchased at Kilkenny Lotteries Kiosk, T137 Arndale Central Shopping Centre, 470 Torrens Road, Kilkenny. 

Kilkenny Lotteries Kiosk owner Kim Nguyen said the team was sending well wishes to their division one winners. 

“We were so excited to wake up to such great news on Sunday morning,” she said. 

“There will definitely be some celebrating, but we are more happy for the customers, than for us. 

“I can imagine the winners are busy planning all the things they are going to do with their prize. 

“We haven’t sold a division one winning entry for a few years, so it’s very exciting. 

“Congratulations to our winners. We wish them all the very best and hope they can enjoy the windfall with their family.”