While next week’s Halloween may deliver its fair share of shrieks and screams, this Saturday’s $21 Million Superdraw is expected to produce howls of delight from a new breed of division one winners.
The team at the Lott, Australia’s official lotteries, are privy to the weird and wonderful reactions of division one winners – from stunned silence through to tears and screams of joy.
From the six Superdraws already held this year, there have been 267 division one winners nationally, including 62 newly-minted millionaires.
The Lott spokesperson Elissa Lewis said breaking the dream-come-true news to division one winners elicited many memorable reactions.
“This year alone we’ve had the full spectrum of reactions to the life-changing news, but the ones we remember most vividly are those winners who shout, squeal and shriek  with pure joy!” Ms Lewis exclaimed.

“We’ve had winners run down their street screaming the good news to the whole neighbourhood, while others have shouting so loudly we’ve had to pull the phone away from our ear.

“Other winners are shocked into silence and we have to check if they are okay and still on the end of the phone.
“Many of these customers have become millionaires overnight and the joy is contagious. We can’t help but smile knowing we have changed someone’s life!
“Imagine how you would react if you won a share in this weekend’s $21 million Superdraw!”
With the $21 Million Superdraw on Saturday 28 October expected to anoint a new batch of division one winners, Ms Lewis urged players to register their entries to ensure they could receive the life-changing phone call and experience their own shriek of delight.
“Saturday Lotto Superdraw events are scheduled throughout the year and offer customers a super-sized division prize pool. This year alone the six Superdraw events have created 62 new millionaires across Australia!
“That’s 62 amazing reactions we’ve been able to experience and we hope there are many more happy shouts of joy this weekend!”
Last financial year, there were 87 Saturday division one winning entries in the Lott jurisdictions from the eight Superdraws and Megadraw, who shared a total of more than $176 million in prize money.
Tickets in the Lott’s $21 Million Superdraw are on sale now and can be purchased until 8:30pm AEDT on Saturday 28 October from any official lottery outlet, online from thelott.com, or via thelott app.