A Taylors Lakes woman has been overcome with emotion after she discovered the news that she is now over $1.3 million richer after winning division one in Saturday’s TattsLotto draw.

The woman held one of the three division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 3881 drawn on 29 September 2018. Each entry took home a division one prize of $1,345,546.88.

When we spoke with the woman today she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the life-changing discovery she is now a millionaire.

“I am dreaming, I must be dreaming. Oh my goodness!” the bewildered woman laughed.

“Are you kidding? What the hell! This isn’t a hoax is it?

“I don’t believe this. My husband is always asking me ‘did you put the TattsLotto on? Did you check the TattsLotto?’

“He is going to kill me when I tell him I hadn’t checked it and we’ve won!

“We play religiously every Saturday and have been playing these numbers for a long time!”

When asked how the she planned to spend her TattsLotto win the thrilled winner revealed it would go towards the great Australian dream of owning a property.

“We’ve been thinking about buying some property so I’d say that will definitely happen now!”

The regular player, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her 18-game marked entry from Lotto Luck Watergardens, Kiosk K01 Watergardens Shopping Centre, 399 Melton Highway, Taylors Lakes.