A Yarraville man has discovered he has been over $880,000 richer for more than a week after a ‘funny feeling’ prompted him to check his ticket and realise he was the mystery TattsLotto winner officials had been searching for. 

The Melbourne player held one of the seven division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4111, drawn Saturday 12 December 2020. Each entry takes home a division one prize worth $883,981.39. 

However, the winning entry was unregistered, which meant we had no way of contacting the winner to break the life-changing news and had to wait for him to come forward to claim his prize. 

Sharing his excitement with us this morning, the winner recounted the moment he realised he was a division one winner. 

“This is just a little bit exciting!” he laughed. 

“Wow! I’m about to cry! Wow, wow, wow. This is just too much. 

“You don’t know what you’ve done! I thought I had won division two, not division one! 

“I play the same numbers every week, and I’ve never changed them. 

“I tell my daughters I’ll win one day and they’ve always said I was wasting my money. 

“They’ll never doubt me again now! 

“I only ever check my tickets when I put my next entry on, but on the weekend I was out and about, and I just had this funny feeling I should check my ticket. 

“So I went to my local outlet and scanned my ticket, and it said I had a major prize win. 

“I checked the numbers and thought ‘some of those look familiar’ so thought I had won division two. 

“I am over the moon!” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his life-changing division one win, the happy player revealed he wouldn’t be giving up work any time soon. 

“I’ll have to head to work today and for the rest of the week! I’m lucky there is always a demand for what I do!” he laughed. 

“After that, I think I’ll take a holiday and enjoy fishing and caravanning. 

“I’m going to buy myself a new home. Nothing too enormous, but a two-storey house with a swimming pool in the backyard would be a dream come true!” 

The winning entry was purchased at Carnovale Pharmacy, 149 Somerville Road, Yarraville. 

Carnovale Pharmacy manager Lidija Paneva said she could put her mind at ease knowing the winner has discovered his windfall. 

“We are so glad our winner has come forward to claim their prize!” she exclaimed. 

“We are so pleased it’s a regular customer and a local to the area. 

“Congratulations to our winner! We wish him all the very best!”