Hello Set for Lifers! It’s Amanda here with our final Set for Life update for the year.

What a winning year 2021 has been! There have been more Set for Life division one winners in 2021 than in any other year – with 20 new Australians now Set for Life. And the year isn’t over yet!

Six of these life-changing wins were from New South Wales, four from Queensland, three from Victoria, and two each from South Australia, ACT and Western Australia and one from Northern Territory. 

Since we last checked in, we’ve crowned three players Set for Life and kickstarted their Christmas celebrations.

While all three winners had incredible plans for their Set for Life prize, one winner had a premonition of winning the lottery in the lead up to his newfound wealth.

“This is life changing for me! This is going to be hard to believe, but years ago, I dreamt the numbers I mark my tickets with, and I’ve been using them ever since,” he explained.

“It was such a vivid dream, and in it, I used the numbers to play the lottery and then I won division one. It felt like a premonition. I’m not kidding! This isn’t made up.

“It feels as though it was meant to be. It’s incredible."

With three more winners added to the tally, we now have had a total of 90 Set for Life division one winners since the game launched in 2015. We can just imagine we will be hitting our milestone record of 100 division one winners in no time at all – could you be one of them?

To celebrate the end of a remarkable year, check out our Set for Life highlights below!

Set for Life 2021 facts!

  • There were 20 division one winning entries who scored $20K on Replay!
  • A total of 90 winners across Australia are now Set for Life.
  • To date, there were 244 Set for Life division two winners in 2021.
  • Sunday was the most popular day for a division one win, with five division one winning entries picked up on a Sunday night draw. The month of October saw the highest number of division one winning entries, with five landing in the month.
  • New South Wales took out the top state for Set for Life wins with six division one winning entries.
  • The number 15 comes in as Set for Life’s “hot number”, appearing the most in this year’s draws and 24 is the “cold number”, being drawn the least. 

Don’t forget the daily draws continue all through the holiday period and take place every night of the week. 

With 17 days left in the year, there’s still the chance to become Set for Life before the year ends.

From myself, Doug, and everyone here at Set for Life HQ, we wish you a safe and happy Christmas and a winning year ahead. 

Talk to you in 2022,