Hi friends, it’s me again! Amanda from Set for Life HQ!

The gang and I have had another great month here in the office, and to make things even better today’s $20K day! It’s the day all of our Set for Life winners receive their monthly $20,000, personally it’s my favourite day as I’m sure it is for our winners as well.

In addition to letting our winners know they have another $20K day coming up, we’re also preparing to welcome any new Set for Life winners, and since Set for Life is drawn every night of the week we could welcome a new winner at any moment!

To ensure we’re prepped to answer any question our new members of our winning family throw at us I asked our current winners if they had any thoughts they’d like to share with potential future winners. Because after all discovering you’re about to receive $20,000 a month, every month, for the next 20 years can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many possibilities!

Bills and credit cards

Our Set for Life winners have spoken, and the most consistent thing they do is clear any bills and credit cards.

Forget those stories you hear about winners blowing all of their winnings on ridiculous purchases like lavish parties and shopping sprees, Australian lottery players are very sensible with their winnings.

Make it work for you

All of our winners agree that once those pesky bills are taken care of it’s important to make the win work for you. Everyone is different so there is no one strategy fits all.

If you love to travel then you could prioritise to spend some of your windfall on packing those bags and jet setting, or maybe you’ve dreamt about starting your own business? Now’s the time to look at what’s important to you and prioritise how you’re going to use your $20K on Replay to turn those dreams into reality.

Don’t tell everyone

This is an interesting one! Many of our winners suggested to wait before you start screaming about your life-changing win from the rooftops.

One winner suggested writing a list of the top people you’d tell about your win, and then another list that is all the people you’d like to help out in little amounts over the next 20 years.

Remember with Set for Life, you’ve got plenty of time to sit and plan how you’re going to change your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Financial advice

Like I said before, our Set for Life winners are a sensible bunch.

Many of them said to me the first person they spoke to about their win was a financial advisor. A big priority for our winning family is to make the windfall last well beyond 20 years.


This is the tip I think that’s the most important – just remember to enjoy it! Whether that’s treating yourself a little, spending up a storm or putting it away and watching it grow, it is ultimately up to you on what you’d do if you won $20,000 a month for 20 years.

I can’t wait to hear all about how our next winners will change their lives with their $20K on Replay.