A Langwarrin family woman is now doubly Set for Life after winning the coveted First Prize of $20,000 a month for the next 20 years twice in the one draw!
For the first time since Set for Life began, there were two First Prize winners in a single draw. Extraordinarily, both winning entries were held by the same person.
When speaking with a Tatts official this morning to confirm the win, the unsuspecting woman couldn’t grasp her incredible win.
She explained she deliberately bought two entries marked with the same “special” numbers – one for her and her husband to celebrate their recent wedding anniversary.
“That is just unbelievable!” she exclaimed.
“You’re really serious? Is this a joke? It’s just incredible.
“It was our wedding anniversary and I thought I’d just buy our special numbers on our Set for Life tickets and we’ll give it a go.
“I’ll have to take a moment but I just can’t believe it. It’s a fantastic wedding anniversary.
“We don’t really do much for our wedding anniversary these days so I thought why not buy some Set for Life tickets and that could be our present.

“We use marked numbers that include the dates of our wedding anniversary and kids birthdays – special dates that’s what they are.

“We haven’t really had a chance to celebrate as we’ve had a bit going on financially and family things so we haven’t had a chance to do anything – we just had dinner at home with the kids.”
When asked how she planned to spend her $40,000 a month for the next 20 years, the incredulous winner revealed it would come in handy for a few immediate items and set her family up for the future.
“I’m going to have to take a moment to think about that!” she exclaimed.
“We’ll be able to pay off a few debts and our car is on the way out to be honest.
“We had been planning to save for that over the next two years but we can think about getting one now.
“We’ll be planning a holiday! Ever since we got married it’s been our dream to go to Port Douglas. We’ve never been able to but that’s something we can certainly look at doing in the future.”
It’s been a winning year for Set for Life players, with 11 First Prizes won across Australia since the start of the year. There have been 39 First Prize winners nationally since the game began.
So far this financial year there have been 19 Set for Life First Prize winners who will collectively enjoy $91.2 million during the next two decades.
The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her two winning marked 2-SET entries online at thelott.com – Australia’s official lotteries.
Across the country, the Victorian winner held the two entries that won the First Prize in Set for Life draw 1016 on Friday 18 May 2018. Each draw offers a guaranteed First Prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years for up to four winners.  
The winning numbers in Set for Life draw 1016 were 2, 17, 34, 14, 4, 20, 9 and 35, with the bonus numbers 18 and 26.
During the 2017 calendar year, there were 12 Set for Life First Prize winners across Australia who will receive $57.6 million during the next 20 years.
A Set for Life draw is conducted every night of the week, 365 days each year, and players can start their seven-day Set for Life entry on any day of the week.
To win the First Prize in Set for Life, players must correctly choose the 8 winning numbers drawn from 37. Additional smaller divisional prizes can be won from Second Prize to Eighth Prize by selecting a combination of the 8 winning numbers and 2 bonus numbers drawn.
Tickets for Set for Life are on sale in lottery outlets around the country and online at thelott.com with the next draw occurring tonight.