Hi mates, Doug from the Set for Life HQ here!

I’ve been working at HQ for a while now, some say I’m a natural at winners calls, and tell you what, over the years I’ve heard some cracking stories.

When you speak to as many winners as I do you start to notice that there are a lot of surprising and unique ways our winners use their windfall.

From never mowing the lawn again to learning to play the guitar, it’s clear that receiving a big lottery win in monthly instalments opens up a whole new world.

The 15th of every month is the day Set for Life First Prize winners get to enjoy another payday and plan more ways they can use their winnings. So, as you can imagine the number 15 is pretty special to us in the office. To stay true to our favourite number I’ve put together a list of the top 15 ways our First Prize winners like to use their $20K on Replay.

1.       Enjoying regular holidays with family and friends

Wouldn’t it be an amazing feeling to be able to shout your nearest and dearest a well-deserved trip away? Some of the most popular destinations include Port Douglas and the Gold Coast in Australia, along with Europe and Hawaii. Where would you go?

2.       Renovating the cherished family home

Do you ever look around the house and see a million little things that need to be fixed but you don’t have the time or money to fix them? Some of our winners have longed for a new kitchen, bathroom upgrade or home extension, and after winning Set for Life were able to turn their homes into their dream house.

3.       Buying a new house

Renovations aren’t for everyone. Some of our winners have been able to build or buy a new house with the peace of mind that the mortgage is well and truly covered with their $20,000 a month for 20 years.

4.       Finding a new job/starting a small business

One of my favourite things to hear from winners is when they’re able to make their lifelong career dreams come true by starting their own business or finding a job they’re really passionate about, regardless of the pay.

“Thank you very much! I don’t know what to say! I don’t know what I feel right now! I’m so happy! I’ll still work but I want to open my own business and buy a house.” NSW winner

5.       Working part-time and having more time to do things with family and friends

Some of our winners love their jobs and would never dream of giving it up. I know I couldn’t give up working at Set for Life HQ! When this is the case, Set for Life grants the freedom and flexibility to go part-time and use the extra time to spend time with loved ones such as elderly parents, children and grandchildren.

6.       Retiring from work altogether

Alternatively, $20,000 a month for the next 20 years could grant you the freedom to retire early and say goodbye to that dreaded 9-5 job.

“I am actually starting to shiver. Shaking, just shaking like crazy. Guess who can retire in a few months?! It’s me, I am going to retire!” – VIC winner

7.       Ditching household chores

Many of our winners have waved goodbye to mowing the lawn, doing the washing and spending the weekend conquering that giant pile of ironing. With $20K on Replay household chores are a thing of the past!

“It’s a complete change of lifestyle for us! I was ironing when you phoned, and I hate to iron you see, and I thought ‘who could this be calling?’…Now I’ll be able to get an ironing lady!” – QLD winner

8.       Upgrading household items

For many people the list of household appliances and furniture they want to upgrade in their home is a mile long. Sometimes it’s the simple luxuries that winning Set for Life can afford you make all the difference. I’ll always remember when one winner told me they couldn’t wait to buy a reclining lounge chair with their winnings. They can definitely afford to kick their feet up with their prize.

9.       Spending more time on hobbies and interests

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn the guitar, restore a vintage car, or take a pottery class, the sky’s the limit with Set for Life.

“I can’t even imagine what I’ll do now that I’ve won but I’ll definitely be spending more time skiing.” – NSW winner

10.   Paying for the children’s education

School and university fees are only getting more expensive. With Set for Life you can tick those bills off your list and set your children up for the future.

11.   Buying a new car

$20,000 is the perfect amount to buy a decent car either as a treat for yourself or because the family van needs a serious upgrade. And that’s only one month’s instalment, you have 239 more after that!

“I’m a bit speechless actually! Believe me, I think I’m still in shock! We’ll definitely upgrade the car, we’ve been thinking about that for a while so we can do it now!” – SA Winner

12.   Fixing their current car

If a new car isn’t on your wish list some of our winners have used their $20K on Replay to upgrade their current vehicles, including installing a reversing camera for one winner

13.   Buying a boat

Always dreamt of sailing off into the sunset? With $20,000 a month for the next 20 years some of our winners have made that dream come true.

14.   Spoiling family and friends

Our generous winners love to spoil their family and friends. Now that they’re Set for Life they like to take financial pressure off their loved ones.

15.   Donating to a favourite charity

A lot of our winners also say to me how lucky they feel to really be Set for Life and it’s because of this gratitude that they choose to help out people wider than their family and friend circle, through their favourite charities.

“There are a lot of people who need help in this world, so we are definitely going to give a lot to a few different charities and start volunteering. It would be impossible to spend that much money, so I think it is important to help as many people as we can.” – NSW Winner

How exciting is it to know the great things winners have done with their Set for Life instalments? During the past three years, Set for Life First Prize winners across Australia have collectively received more than $16.1 million in monthly payments. We can’t wait to crown our next First Prize winners!