Hi everyone, Amanda here and I’m excited to bring you another Set for Life update. 

How do you spend your Sundays? Do you take time to be with family, friends, or your community? 

Is it the day you get to dedicate to your passions— maybe fishing, cycling, or gardening? Perhaps you work on Sundays and look forward to taking days off later in the week. 

With this month’s $20K Day falling on a Sunday, we can’t help but wonder what our First Prize winners are up to. 

$20K Day happens on the 15th of every month and is the day when all  our Set for Life First Prize winners receive their monthly prize payment of $20,000. What’s even more exciting, is the fact they get this prize on replay, for twenty years!  

So no matter where our winners are, or what they’re doing, we’re sure there will be an amazing moment today when they realise they’re suddenly $20,000 richer and they get to experience that winning feeling all over again!

For our winners celebrating their first $20K day, their Sunday is sure to feel extra special.

Our latest winner is a Carlingford mum who won First Prize earlier this month. She took a bit of convincing before she believed the news that she had won. Once the news sunk in, she broke into tears of joy and told us she was looking forward to treating her family and travelling around America.  

A woman from Cleveland also became Set for Life recently. She gathered her whole family around to hear us break the news over the phone and they all erupted into cheers and laughter. They are looking forward to booking an around the world trip! 

Last month was huge for Set for Life as we celebrated our fourth birthday and hit a milestone of crowning our fiftieth First Prize winner, our two latest winners now bring the total tally to 52!

Together they’ve taken home $26.5 million in First Prize money, with many more years of payments to come.  

It’s incredible to imagine how those 52 Aussies and their families are enjoying their prize and we can’t wait to see who becomes set for life next! 

Could it be you?