A battling pensioner from Mooroolbark has confessed to ‘being shaken’ after the discovery she had won the First Prize in Set for Life and would receive $20,000 a month for the next 20 years.
The shocked woman was the only First Prize winner across Australia in Set for Life draw 761 on Tuesday 5 September 2017 and is the third Set for Life winner in as many weeks.
During the past 10 weeks alone there have been six Set for Life 1st Prize winners across Australia.
It’s the 26th Set for Life First Prize winner nationally, and the sixth Victorian winner, since the game started two years ago.
“Oh! How much was that winning prize?” the winning woman asked emotionally.
“I don’t know whether to stand on my head, laugh, cry or what!”
The woman revealed that when it comes to spending, she had a soft spot for her family, and spending the prize money wouldn’t be any different.
“My husband always used to say we’ll never be rich because we spend too much on our children and my grandchildren.
“The grandkids and great grandkids are already spoilt, but I will continue to spoil them with the win.

“My kids are battlers, and they’ve been good to me, and I try to help them when I can, so now I will be able to help them even more.”

The woman also admitted that there would be a few treats for herself with her regular monthly $20,000 instalments.
“There are few things to do around the house and a few things I need for my health so this will go a long way to help with that,” she declared.
“I won’t have to wait on waiting lists now or save up for them, I’ll be able to pay to get things done, which will make life much easier.”
The happy winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her winning marked 3-Set entry from Mooroolbark Lotto Centre, Shop 14, 83 Brice Avenue, Mooroolbark.
Steve Gao, owner of Mooroolbark Lotto Centre, said the outlet was celebrating selling the winning ticket.
“We are so excited to save sold our first Set for Life First Prize!” he exclaimed.
“We sold a division one prize for Oz Lotto a couple of years ago, but it has been awhile since we’ve sold a big win.
“We have been telling everyone who comes into the store today that we are a lucky spot!
“Congratulations to the winner, we hope they enjoy their $20,000 prize every month for the next 20 years!”
Across the country, the Mooroolbark winner held the only entry that won First Prize in Set for Life draw 761 on Tuesday 5 September 2017, which offers a guaranteed 1st Prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years for up to four winners in each draw.  
The winning numbers in Set for Life draw 761 were 37, 26, 3, 11, 22, 18, 13 and 32, with the bonus numbers 15 and 4.
Last financial year, there were six Set for Life winners across the Lott’s jurisdictions who will receive $28.8 million during the next 20 years.
A Set for Life draw is conducted every night of the week, 365 days each year, and players can start their seven-day Set for Life entry on any day of the week.