Hi friends, Amanda here with your Set for Life update. 

It’s the 15th of March, which means two things. 

Most importantly, it’s $20K Day! The day when all of our Set for Life division one winners receive their monthly prize payment of $20,000. 

Secondly, it’s officially autumn — my favourite season! 

As we transition from our hot summer days into some cooler weather, one thing has been on my mind: hot and cold numbers! 
Every winner who’s celebrating $20K Day today has their seven winning numbers to thank. 

And if you’re vying to be the next Aussie to score $20,000 a month for 20 years, you might be wondering which numbers should feature on your entry. 

While Set for Life is a fun game of chance and every number has an equal chance of being drawn, we can reveal the numbers that have been most frequently and least frequently drawn over the last 12 months. 

The most frequently drawn, or ‘hot’ Set for Life numbers are: 15, 3, 11, 37, 21

Meanwhile, the least frequently drawn, or ‘cold’ numbers are: 29, 22, 28, 23, 8 

Only time will tell if these numbers live up to their reputation in the coming weeks! 

We know some players enjoy marking their entry with their favourite numbers, and perhaps even some of these hot and cold numbers. 

Others prefer to let the lottery terminal do the work and determine the numbers on their ticket for them.

However you decide to choose your numbers for the next Set for Life draw, if you have a ticket in your hand, you’re in with a chance to win.

Just imagine how you could be spending your autumn if you became Set for Life.

Perhaps you’d get your foodie fix in Melbourne, experience turtle hatching season on the Great Barrier Reef, or watch the leaves change colour in Tasmania.

We can’t wait to meet our next winner!