Hey everyone, Amanda here!  

We hope you’re all having a great month. Today marks $20K Day where all our division one Set for Life winners receive another monthly prize payment of $20,000.  

We often get lots of questions about Set for Life and its unique division one prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years — so this month we’re going to answer some of them!  

1. When is the prize paid?  

Over 20 years, division one winners receive $20,000 prize instalments paid into their bank account on the 15th of each month. That’s 240 times they get to enjoy that winning feeling!  

2. How are the draws conducted? 

At The Lott HQ in Brisbane, we have a secure room only accessible to authorised personnel like the Draw Administration team and this is where all the magic happens. The draw is conducted every night of the week by our licensed Draw Admin team using a regulator-approved random number generator. Every draw is supervised by a government official. The devices are regularly tested to ensure they’re fit for purpose. You can find out more about our Draw Administration team here. 

3. Can I choose to have the division one prize paid in full? 

No, Set for Life is the only game that offers an annuity prize, paid over 20 years and it’s why our players love it! However, there are plenty of other games that offer you the chance to win a division one prize in a lump sum.  

4. What’s the prize for division two? 

All division two winners also pocket a unique annuity prize of $5,000 a month for 12 months. Meaning they get that winning feeling 12 times! 

5. How do I find my results? 

The Set for Life draw closes at 9:00pm AEST every night and is drawn shortly after. The results are updated on the website by 9:45pm AEST. We recommend players register their ticket to their Player Card, so we can call you the day after the draw and let you know the news if you've won!

6. Do I need to pay tax on my winnings? 

No, in Australia lottery winnings are classified as tax-free income. We strongly suggest all division one winners seek professional financial advice to ensure they receive the maximum benefit from their good fortune.  

7. What are the winning numbers?  

While we’ll never know the winning numbers in advance, we can tell you the most frequently drawn numbers from previous draws. All lottery numbers do have an equal chance of being drawn, but the most drawn numbers for Set for Life are 15, 41, 21, and 37 while the least frequent are 44, 6, 28 and 5. 

8. Can I leave my prize in my will? 

We hope you get to enjoy your win every month for the next twenty years, but in the unfortunate event that you pass away before receiving all prize instalments, the remainder of the prize will be paid in full to your estate upon proof of death. We recommend speaking with a professional to update your will to include details for your Set for Life win.  

9. What happens if my details change? 

Make sure to keep your details up to date. This is particularly important for division one Set for Life winners to ensure they receive all their prize instalments.  

10. How many division one winners have there been this year? 

There have been 11 division one winners so far in 2023! Could you be our 12th winner? 

That’s a wrap and our top 10 questions answered! Good luck everyone.