A retired Launceston couple is excitedly making plans to one day take the railway trip of a lifetime on The Ghan after discovering they won division one in the weekend’s Super 66 draw. 

The pair held the only division one winning entry in Super 66 draw 4097 on Saturday 24 October 2020 and take home the division one prize of $101,462.15. 

But the duo was oblivious to their good fortune last weekend until we confirmed their windfall. 

“Well done!” the happy husband exclaimed. 

“I might sit down, so I don’t have a heart attack.

“We’ve been retired for a while now, and we worked hard for decades trying to save a penny. This is just unbelievable. 

“We’ve played Super 66 ever since it started. It’s about bloody time! It couldn’t have happened to two nicer people!” he laughed. 

“We’ll be able to go on The Ghan now!” his winning wife added. 

When asked how they might celebrate their division one win, the Launceston man had no hesitation. 

“Tonight I might have a lie-down and a Disprin!” he joked. 

“Actually, I’ve got a bottle of scotch here that we got for Christmas that’s got a little bit left in it.  It’s top-shelf stuff that’s 22 years old. We were saving it for a special occasion, but now we’ve got this!” 

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their winning entry at Meadow Mews News & Lotto, Shop 16, Meadow Mews Shopping Centre, 102-106 Hobart Road, Kings Meadows. 

Meadow Mews News & Lotto owner Viv Dobley said she was very excited to discover her outlet had sold a division one winning entry. 

“We had only just been telling our customers we were due for a big win and now we’ve got one!” she exclaimed. 

“We have been celebrating in store all week. We’ve put up banners and have been telling all of our customers we’ve had a winner.We’ve even had a special morning tea with the staff to celebrate! 

“Although a lot of our customers will wish it was their ticket, they will be happy knowing their local agent sold the winning ticket. 

“The last time we sold a division one winning entry was in May 2019. That was the second division one winning entry we sold in two weeks. Hopefully, it happens again this time! 

“This is our 23rd division one winning entry across our two outlets over the past 30 years. 

“We want to wish our winners our sincere congratulations, and we hope this money changes their lives!”