If you’re searching for some good news, look no further — here are a few of our favourite stories from the week to brighten your day. 

Happy accident leads two Canberra friends to share in $2.2 million Oz Lotto prize
Two long-time Canberra friends have accidently doubled up on Oz Lotto tickets, a mistake that won the former work colleagues a life-changing $2.2 million prize.

“We take turns buying Oz Lotto tickets every week,” one of the winners told us. 

“It wasn’t even my turn…I mistakenly bought the ticket thinking it was my week. I’m so glad I did!

We have no doubt the pair will be celebrating their mix-up for weeks to come. 

North Sydney woman had no idea the lottery ticket in her handbag was worth $2.7 million dollars!
A Young North Sydney woman has reminded us that a little spring cleaning can go a long way after she discovered the lottery ticket that had been floating around her handbag for four months was worth over $2.7 million! 

We are thrilled to finally unite her with her prize, and she was over the moon to make the late discovery.  

“Regardless of the timing and knowing that I could have had my prize months ago, it’s still so sweet now,” she said.

Forgetful Cairns dad feeling extra generous after $250,000 Instant Scratch-Its win
Our North Sydney player wasn’t the only forgetful winner this week, after a loving Cairns Dad scratched the top prize of $250,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket he purchased weeks ago. 

“We were in Tasmania on holidays, just before everything went into lockdown,” he said. 

“We bought a few scratchies there and went home and completely forgot about them.

“When we finally discovered the tickets in our backpack and scratched them, we got quite a surprise!”

Forget magnets and t-shirts, that’s got to be one of the best ever holiday souvenirs ever!

Search on for mystery $23 million Powerball winner, while Saturday Lotto Jackpots for the first time in four years! 
Imagine waking up this morning to the news you’re a multi-millionaire. That’s the reality for one Melbourne player who took home Powerball’s $23 million division one prize on Thursday night — but they may not know it yet! 

The mystery winner is Australia’s third Powerball division one winner for 2020, however their entry was not registered to a players card. This means we are eagerly waiting for the winner to come forward so we can confirm the incredible news! 

And speaking of incredible news — for the first time since 2016, Saturday Lotto made us all do a double take last weekend after it jackpotted to an exciting estimated $8 million for this Saturday’s draw.

It’s a rare but exciting event for Saturday Lotto and reminds us that sometimes, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected!

A legacy never to be forgotten: Daniel Morcombe Foundation working harder than ever.
During a time that is incredibly challenging for many families, our community partner, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, is working harder than ever to provide support to those in need.

With a growing demand for evidence-based, engaging personal safety resources, the foundation has fast-tracked some exciting plans for 2020.

From child safety games, online counselling services, and live-streamed safety lessons, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation team remains committed to helping keep kids safe in these trying times.

Through Golden Casket, we’re proud to support the Daniel Morcombe Foundation in their work to keep Australian families safe and honouring Daniel’s memory.