During a time that is incredibly challenging for many families, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation is working harder than ever to provide support to those in need.

With a growing demand for evidence-based, engaging personal safety resources, the foundation has fast-tracked some exciting plans for 2020.

From child safety games, to live-streamed safety lessons, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation team remains committed to helping keep kids safe in these trying times.

Last year we were proud to donate $300,000 from Golden Casket unclaimed prize money to help support the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s quest to make Australia a safer place for children. Our donation aided in educating children, schools and families about child safety and providing counselling services to young victims of crime.

To further support the Foundation, we have also expanded our deployment of the Amber Alert notifiation system, used by state policing bodies to share information about missing or abducted children. This allows us to broadcast Amber Alert notifications in our retail stores across all Australian states and territories (excluding WA).

Within this rapidly changing landscape, the foundation is continuing its tireless work ensuring child safety.

They are now offering counselling services online, have created a range of resources for children of all ages free for download at danielmorcombe.com.au, and have been producing new fact sheets to inform parents on crisis management and coping strategies.
While COVID-19 had altered the way they were providing support to families, Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s co-founder Bruce Morcombe said they remained committed to their mission.

“Our goal of keeping kids safe is stronger than ever. While the way we work may have changed, we are working hard to adapt to these changes and remain a foundation of support and education,” he said.

In the 12 months to 30 June 2019, Australia’s Official Lotteries contributed more than $1.4 billion in state lottery taxes and donations to help our community, including support for hospitals, health research, disaster relief, and education.