Aussies love to travel. If we’re not exploring our own vast and beautiful island, we’re jetting off all over the world. In fact, holidays and travel are among the top ways our winners tell us they’ll use their prize. 

But with 2020 turning out to be an unusual year, plans have changed and many of us are left looking for things to do closer to home. Thankfully, our winners have shared plenty of wonderful winning dreams that don’t involve picking up a passport. 

To inspire some dreaming while those travel and holiday plans are postponed, here’s seven of our favourite ways winners have used their prize, all without going more than a stone’s throw from home. 

1. Never do the cleaning again
If you’re going to enjoy a prize from the comfort of your home, you may as well make sure it’s looking sparkly clean. The best bit is not having to do the cleaning yourself! A Kilmore woman who scored a $10 million Oz Lotto prize earlier this year decided she’d use some of her prize to outsource the spring cleaning. A Canberra Instant Scratch-Its winner had a similar idea confessing she hates cleaning and couldn’t wait to say goodbye to the household chores. 

2. Treat yourself to a large coffee and cake
 In January we spoke to a Strathpine couple who know how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. After becoming overnight Gold Lotto millionaires, the humble north Brisbane residents admitted they would love to travel but there was also another indulgence they were going to treat themselves to. 

“I said to my wife this morning that when we go out for our daily cappuccino instead of getting it in a cup, I’ll splash out and get it in a mug,” the winning man laughed.

“I might also get a piece of cake too!”

We couldn’t think of a sweeter way to spoil yourself! 

3. Get a fresh look
We get it. Sometimes things get busy and you just don’t get the chance to prioritise yourself. But when life hands you a winning moment, sometimes that’s the perfect opportunity to take the time to feel amazing inside and out — starting with a fresh haircut! A number of winners have told us they’d be celebrating their win by finally making an appointment with their stylist or barber, including one young Darwin man who scooped a $3.3 million Oz Lotto prize.

4.  Make your house a home
From a new washing machine, a water tank, a brand-new air conditioner, or new laundry cupboards and a garage roller door — sometimes the things at the top of winners’ wishlists are everyday items that bring a daily sense of satisfaction, proving you don’t have to go far to find ways to enjoy a windfall. 

5. Buy a new set of wheels 
If you can’t travel by plane then perhaps the next best thing is taking a drive in a new set of wheels. One Adelaide woman told us she’d be upgrading her car after winning division one in Saturday X Lotto. 

“I had already been looking at upgrading my car but now I can get the premium model,” she said.

“I’m going to get all of the extras!”

6. Give to a worthy cause
We’re constantly inspired by the generosity of Aussie winners. Whether they plan to share their win with loved ones or give to a charity close to their heart, it’s clear there’s so much joy in sharing that winning feeling. 

We’ll never forget speaking with a Rhyde Grandmother who scored $7 million in a Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw. The humble woman revealed her prize would be shared by many. 

“I have lots of children and grandchildren and I will share it with them and give generously to charity as well,” she cried with happiness.

7. Adopt the 'pawfect' companion
 If you’ve ever longed of becoming a pet-owner, not only could you make your own dreams come true, but you could make one adorable little puppy out there very happy too! This was the case for one Tamworth woman who was ecstatic to win $1 million in a Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw.

“I want to buy a dog,” she told us. 

“No, I want two dogs! I have wanted a dog for so long.”

Or, if you prefer slightly larger four-legged creatures perhaps a horse is more your style!

We love hearing the unique dreams of Aussie winners and they’ve certainly proved there’s plenty of fun to be had in our own backyards.

What are you dreaming of?