There’s no telling when or where a win will land! It certainly keeps us on our toes, and we love hearing how everyday Aussies were suddenly swept up by the discovery of some unexpected winning news. 

There’s been plenty of surprises this week. We’ve wrapped up a few of our favourites to share the good vibes going into the weekend. Check them out below! 

Lotto win causes disbelieving Shepparton man to wake up his family

It’s a fact that many Australians don’t get enough sleep. While the cause of a bad night’s rest can vary, a tired but happy Shepparton man confessed that a late-night winning discovery was to blame for a sleep shortage in his household. 

“I checked my ticket on the app and thought ‘What the hell!’. I couldn’t bloody believe it,” he explained.  

“I woke a family member up and told them I had won. They said ‘That can’t be right, now go back to bloody bed!’. “So I went back to bed and barely slept.” 

With an extra $830,000 heading into his bank account, we’re sure he’s been sleeping well the rest of the week! 

Orange you glad you checked your ticket: Woman from Orange discovers prize a week after the draw! 

A woman from Orange spent seven days completely oblivious to the fact she was holding a $200,000 winning Lucky Lotteries ticket. We’d been eagerly waiting for her to come forward to claim her prize and were thrilled to finally confirm the win. 

“It’s crazy to think that I’ve been holding onto this ticket for more than a week without realising it’s worth $200,000!” she said.

“I have a big family so I’ll be able to share it with plenty of people.” 

We have no doubt she’s excited to make up for lost time and start celebrating her prize straight away.

Hey presto! Syndicate win a milestone for local Preston store

Did you know there are over 3800 licensed outlets across the Lott’s jurisdictions? At any point, a possible winning entry could be making its way from a friendly local retailer into the hands of a future Australian lottery winner. 

This week, Town Hall Lotto in Preston, Victoria had plenty to celebrate when their store syndicate won division one in TattsLotto last weekend.  According to the outlet, this is the 50th division one winning entry they've sold during the past two decades!

Ten thrilled locals shared in a prize worth $812,000, and Town Hall Lotto manager Johnson Wang said it caused plenty of excitement in store. 

 “The news had all of our staff members rushing to find out which syndicate had won!” he exclaimed. 

“We have been looking at our sign that says ’49 division one winners’ for the last 18 months so we will be happy to see it change to the big 5-0.

“We are very appreciative of all the support from our players and we are over the moon to give our winners the division one win they have been waiting for.”

Jackpots continue to climb as Powerball rockets to a massive $80 million 

Amongst a week full of surprises our jackpotting games are pulling a few surprises of their own. 

After no winning entry held the seven winning numbers and all-important Powerball number needed to win division one in last night’s draw, Powerball has now rocketed to a massive $80 million!

And not to be completely outdone, Oz Lotto is serving up a huge $50 million for next Tuesday’s draw. 

The anticipation is rising and we’re eagerly waiting to see if some new Aussie multi-millionaires will be crowned next week, or if we’re in for a jackpot frenzy as the prize offerings continue to grow! 

While there were no division one winners in Oz Lotto or Powerball this week, there were plenty of other divisional prizes scored by players across the country. Make sure to check your tickets to find out if you were one of them.

Have you had a surprise win of your own this week? Share your #winningfeeling to celebrate with us!