August has been a winning month, with plenty of major prizes won and new millionaires and multi-millionaires made. But it’s also been a winning month for our communities!  

From our partners who continue to pioneer vital medical research to the ongoing resilience of the small business who help make up our retail network — we’re excited to bring you our community highlights and good news stories from the month that was. 
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Ground-breaking research strives for better outcomes for pregnant women and their babies

We were thrilled to receive a winning update from our partners at the Mater Foundation this month. 

During the past two years, Mater has undertaken a world-first trial aimed at reducing fetal distress by using sildenafil, better known as Viagra.

Fetal distress can occur when a baby doesn’t receive enough oxygen during labour, which can result in an emergency delivery by caesarean and complications to the baby’s health. However, Mater’s research is giving expecting families new hope with early results showing that sildenafil halved caesarean and instrumental birth rates due to fetal distress.

In 2018 we were proud to donate $500,000 through Golden Casket to help fund this research and it’s inspiring to see how far it’s progressed. Now, the Medical Research Future Fund has granted an additional $3.42 million for a large Australia-wide study that will further advance the project. The goal is to develop a reliable preventative treatment for this type of traumatic birth complication. 
We’re excited to follow this research as it continues.

You can find out more and hear from Senior Specialist Professor Sailesh Kumar here. 

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Spotlight on local: Bushfires and pandemic no match for community spirit

Did you know there are over 3800 local retailers across the Lott’s network?

These small businesses are at the heart of our communities help support our work funding medical research, disaster relief and education programs. Many of our retailers also support their local communities through initiatives of their own. 

We caught up with Blackheath Newsagency owners Doug and Janette Forsyth about how they’ve been ensuring local residents in their small Blue Mountains township get the services and support they need, especially in times of adversity.

“We wanted our community to know that we are here for them all the time. We’re open seven days a week, and here to help if they need it,” Janette said. 

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Digital marketing helps our partners have impact

There’s more than one way to cook an egg and there’s definitely more than one way to support our community partners.

While donations are an exciting and immediate way to make a difference to their work, this month we were pleased to host a skill-sharing session for our partners to provide them with an update on the latest in digital marketing.   

The session ran for 90 minutes and covered topics such as social media algorithms, native content and search engine optimisation. It was a huge success with 45 community partners attending. 

My Room Chief Executive Officer Margaret Zita said the session had helped her volunteer-led charity based in Victoria immensely.

“Digital marketing is an area that I have personally struggled with understanding. I know there are so many advantages to doing this well, especially during this time in Victoria during lockdown,” she said.


University of Queensland’s COVID-19 vaccine results spark optimism from researchers

Finally, during the past five months we’ve been keeping up with our partners from the University of Queensland as their world-class team of researchers works on a COVID-19 vaccine.

Earlier this year, we were honoured to be able to donate $1 million to help accelerate UQ’s research, and recently we were thrilled to receive another update. 

The UQ research team have just released the results from their pre-clinical trials which show the COVID-19 vaccine they’ve developed triggers the immune system response needed to protect against the disease. 

We’re incredibly proud of this Australian team, comprised of some of the top researchers in the world. While it’s still early days, the results are encouraging and the team is working on the next steps needed to move this vaccine into production. 

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