Nothing builds suspense here at The Lott like waiting for a mystery winner to claim their prize. And boy was this week suspenseful! 

Check out the week that was below.

Lucky Lotteries Super jackpot winner takes home $4.66 million… but who is holding the winning ticket?

A Lambton player has become a multi-millionaire after scoring the $4.66 million Jackpot Prize in Tuesday’s Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw – but we are still waiting on the elusive player to come forward and claim their prize!

The winning entry was purchased at Lambton Nextra, 97 Elder Street, Lambton, so if you purchased a Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot ticket from this outlet, check your tickets! You could be the mystery millionaire we are searching for.

Canberra man pockets $11.2 million Oz Lotto jackpot

After two days of searching, a Canberra man finally got around to checking his Oz Lotto entry, and he was convinced he was reading the results on his phone wrong.

When we spoke to our newest multi-millionaire, he really couldn’t believe he was now $11.2 million richer!

“This doesn’t feel real! I think I’ll only believe it when I see the money in my bank account,” he declared.

The man couldn’t wait to call his mum and share the life-changing news. 

“My parents have struggled forever so I can’t wait to tell them that I will be buying them a house!” 

Local grapevine leads Yarram farmer to $1.2 million TattsLotto windfall

If we can’t make a life-changing phone call, sometimes the buzz from the town is enough to prompt our winners to check their ticket, as was the case for a new Yarram millionaire this week.

“I heard there was a winner in town and later in the afternoon I thought I’d have a look at my ticket,” he recounted to us. 

“I’ve only ever won $23 now and then. This is unbelievable!”

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program marks a major milestone

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program has taken a game-changing approach to treating childhood cancer, and this week marks a major milestone.

Sharing the results of the program’s first study the results are impressive! 

The study proved that the molecular basis of a child’s cancer was able to be found in more than 90% of cases.

This knowledge can drastically change the outcomes for children with even the most aggressive cancers. 

Here’s hoping next week’s winners are much more eager to claim their lottery loot!