They say lightning never strikes twice. But this week one small Aussie town has proven that wrong when two winning lottery tickets were purchased at the same outlet! 

Check out this week’s highlights: 

Double division one delight in Benalla

Benalla might be small, but the town is now home to some big wins after two TattsLotto entries, bought from the same outlet, each scored an $831,000 division one prize.

The Two winning tickets were purchased at Priceline Pharmacy Benalla and manager Electra Gercovich said the entire team was celebrating.
“We’d heard we’d sold a division one winning entry, but then we realised it wasn’t just one, but two!” she said. 

“Benalla is a small community, so all of our customers are going to be so excited when they hear.”

One winning entry belongs to a store syndicate of eight members, while a mystery player holds the second unregistered winning entry and we’re eagerly waiting for them to check their ticket to claim their prize! 

Rosedale woman lands $100,000 lottery win while on lunch

The regional wins kept coming this week. On the New South Wales south coast, a Rosedale woman became one of our newest lucky Lotteries winners picking up a $100,000 1st Prize. 

“This is amazing. I’ve been crying ever since I found out!” she chuckled.

“I was out for lunch with some friends and saw I had some missed calls.

“As soon as I saw the confirmation email, I ran straight home to tell my partner.

“It’s wonderful to see a win come my way."

Spa-retreat on the horizon for Lynbrook woman

Summer is looking lush for a Lynbrook woman who scored more than $21,000 in the weekend’s Super 66 draw. 

When we called the winning woman to confirm the news, she revealed her self-care plans to treat herself to a spa retreat. 

“Woohoo! I found out on Saturday night while watching TV! As a joke, my sister sent me a message saying she was ‘crying in the corner’ because she didn’t win,” she exclaimed.

“I expected the same result, but no, I’d won division one! We were over the moon! We couldn’t believe it. I only recently started playing Super 66 draws. It’s a very nice surprise.”

Trash to treasure! St Helena woman retrieves winning ticket

A St Helena woman who disposed of an Instant Scratch-Its ticket that won a top prize of $1,000 a week for five years is now thanking her partner for rummaging through the bins. 

“My boyfriend surprised me the other day and brought me home a few tickets, and one of them was this ticket. When I first scratched it, I thought it didn’t win anything, so I just tossed it,” she said.

“But then my boyfriend grabbed it out from the bin and checked it for me, and he said, ‘What the hell, you’ve won the top prize! It was a big shock. It was really hard to comprehend!”
Powerball jackpot soars to $80 million

With no one snaring division one in last night’s draw, Powerball has skyrocketed to a colossal $80 million for next Thursday — the equal biggest Australian lottery jackpot offered to players this year.

If one person scores the entire jackpot next Thursday night, they will also share the title of Australia’s third-biggest individual lottery prize winner.

While we never quite know where a lottery win will land, maybe lottery lightning will strike near you!