This May, the Lott will be supporting Starlight Foundation’s Starlight Day, which aims to raise $1.3 million to help make hospital less scary and more fun for sick kids and their families.

Starlight Day is Starlight Foundation’s biggest national fundraising event where they paint the streets purple and yellow to ‘Power the Happy’ for seriously ill children.

The Lott is donating $100,000 on Starlight Day, one of several contributions it makes to the foundation yearly. This donation is in addition to the $1.1 billion the Lott contributes to local community initiatives each year. 

Starlight Day aims to raise much-needed funds to keep Starlight's uniquely Australian Starlight Express Room and Captain Starlight programs operating seven days a week in every children's hospital across the country.

Starlight Express Room

The Starlight Express Rooms are a medical-free haven for sick kids and their families seeking a welcome break from the relentless cycle of medical treatments and procedures. It's the place where they can get down to the serious business of having fun!

Illness shouldn't define a child, so the Starlight Express Rooms are fun places where no treatments or medical talk are allowed.

Run by Captain Starlight and wonderful volunteers, the Starlight Express Rooms are unique spaces filled with laughter, smiles, fun people and enjoyable activities.

The Lott is proud to have funded the Starlight Express Room at Queensland Children’s Hospital in 2015. Since then more than 700,000 sick children and their families have visited the room. 

Captain Starlight

Sporting a silver cape, Captain Starlight is professionally trained to break down barriers and connect with kids to make mayhem, joy, and laughter the order of the day.

The Captains are a talented bunch. They're highly skilled professional performers who draw on their unique talents - dance, music, art or performance to help sick kids through their most challenging moments.

Captain Starlight's role may seem simple - playing games, telling jokes and performing magic tricks - but it's a critical part of a child's overall care.


There are lots of ways you can ‘Power the Happy’ for sick kids this Starlight Day.


It's so easy to help sick kids! Just $39 can give one sick child access to Starlight's hospital programs for a whole year. That's the difference your donation makes. To donate to Starlight go to


Grab your friends, family, team-mates or colleagues and get fundraising! Have a bake-off, a sausage sizzle or hold a raffle but most importantly have fun and help sick kids!


Have some fun volunteering to help sick kids! Register with your friends, or meet some new ones - either way, you'll be part of a wonderful team of supporters, hitting the streets and being stars for Starlight.