On Thursday 25 June, children from all over Australia joined in Australia’s Biggest Online Safety Lesson with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. Over 120,000 students, between the ages of four and seven took part. This figure is three times the amount of children enrolled in 2019.  

The lesson taught children about their own personal safety both physically and in the online world. Hosted by Bruce and Denise Morcombe, the students learnt key skills to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the community against child predators. 

Another edition of Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson for children aged four to seven years will be conducted in September this year to align with the Foundation’s “Day for Daniel” which also helps to raise awareness of child safety amongst the community. 

All Aussie kids deserve to feel safe in their neighbourhoods and online spaces, and here at the Lott we’re passionate about helping the Daniel Morcombe Foundation achieve its goals. 

Last July, we donated $300,000 to help the Foundation continue its important work providing personal safety education, assistance to victims of crime, and support for families of missing persons. 

We believe our communities should be places for fun and optimism, and somewhere people can come together to share amazing moments. Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson plays an important part in helping this become a reality. 

To further support this vision for safer communities, we recently announced an expansion to our deployment of the Amber Alert system. 

The Amber Alert broadcast is an important channel used by state policing bodies to share information about missing or abducted children with the public. There are around 15 Ambers Alerts issued each year and our network of nearly 4,000 retail outlets is an incredible resource to circulate urgent details to as many people, as soon as possible.