With the explosion of social media, digital marketing has become an important skill for any organisation. For our community partners, better understanding how it works means they are able to reach more people, connect people through their stories and create a meaningful experience. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many of our community partners to think differently about how they fundraise. With many partners having to abandon their original plans for 2020, they are now turning to digital fundraising. 

Fortunately, the Lott is well resourced in this area, and recently members from our performance marketing team volunteered their time to run a workshop specifically for our community partners to answer their burning questions about how best to spread their message. 

The workshop saw over 45 community partners join the session from Starlight Children’s Foundation, Children’s Cancer Institute, Mater Foundation, Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Disaster Recovery Australia, Sydney & Queensland Children’s Hospital Foundation, My Room and the University of Queensland. 

Our partners enjoyed a 90-minute presentation on how to market themselves during this COVID-19 period. The session included digital marketing information, tips and tricks about social media algorithms, native content and search engine optimisation.

My Room Chief Executive Officer Margaret Zita said the session had helped her volunteer-led charity based in Victoria immensely.

“Digital marketing is an area that I have personally struggled with understanding. I know there are so many advantages to doing this well, especially during this time in Victoria during lockdown,” she said.

“The fact that the Lott has taken the relationship with charities to the next level, embracing and guiding charities like My Room to learnings that will help us grow and maximise our reach, is incredibly uplifting.” 

The Lott Head of Performance Marketing Andrew Varley said he was proud to give a little back to the wonderful charities and the work they do helping people all over Australia.

“This is a great initiative that gave us a real connection with our community partners,” he said.

“Usually we’re observing the great work of our partners and donations by the Lott but today we got to get a bit closer to helping our partners in our own way. “ he said. 

On top of our team members' volunteering efforts, we also contribute over $1.4 billion through state lottery taxes, partnerships, and donations each year to support our community.