Variety has reached new heights with 157,312 Aussie kids positively impacted over the past year and amazingly over 85,000 of these in South Australia alone.

Variety SA – the children’s charity (Variety SA) believes all kids deserve a fair go in life regardless of their circumstance, illness and ability. They recognise that despite such a huge number of children impacted, each child has different needs. Through the generous support of many in the community they find ways to support families through challenging times.

Whether it’s providing mobility equipment and wheelchairs, communication and education aides, medical and therapy services, scholarships or community events, they do it all.

For the third year running, we’re delighted to donate $50,000 to Variety SA to help them continue their mission to support SA kids to provide them with the opportunity to have a better life within their community.

The Lott Partnerships Manager Liz McPherson said she’s proud of Australian lotteries continuing their contributions to the South Australian community.

“The incredible amount of SA kids that Variety SA impacts continues to grow year on year,” she said.

“This organisation allows these children to grow their independence, have an increased self-esteem and greater community involvement.

“The legacy of Australia’s official lotteries is changing lives for the better and making dreamsa reality, so if we can help Variety SA do the same for these kids and their families, then that’s pretty special.”

Variety SA Chief Executive Officer Mark McGill said he was delighted to continue the partnership with The Lott.

“Nelson Mandela stated the true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children and we at Variety hold that statement dear as we strive to positively impact on more SA kids in need,” he said.

“This is a singular goal and cannot be achieved without a generous team behind us.”“The genuine care and authenticity shown by The Lott allows us to expand this support, change children’s lives and for that we are sincerely grateful.”

Find out more about Variety SA and how you can support them, here.