January is almost over and here at the Lott HQ we’re finding ourselves reflecting on the year that was. We’ve had so many highs, life-changing prizes, and ecstatic winners! 

All of our winners have wonderful stories to tell, but today we’re looking back on some of our quirkiest winners of 2018. Whether it was an unusual purchase they planned or how they came to get an entry in the first place, these are the stories we remember fondly from last year.

Many players have little rituals and traditions they do before buying an entry into one of our games in the belief this will grant them more luck.

One New South Wales winner told us she purchased her top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket because a bird pooped on her, which she took to be a sign!

Another winner explained to us he instinctively knew it was going to be a great day when he saw his neighbour’s cat sitting on the wall, and that certainly was the case as that was the day he discovered he won $1 million in Saturday Lotto.

A Five Dock man may have psyshic powers after explaining to his wife he had a premonition they were going to win the lottery hours before winning $20,000 a month for the next 20 years with Set for Life.

Most of us would be happy to win division one or a top prize once in a lifetime, but we did get to break the incredible news to some winners, not once but twice last year.

A grey nomad couple from the Gold Coast won $10 million in Oz Lotto in January last year; six months later they collected a $150,000 top prize on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket. Needless to say, their winning grins haven’t gone away!

A Langwarrin couple also received a double dose of winning news as they won Set for Life twice in the same draw. The woman purchased tickets for her and her husband for their wedding anniversary and marked them with their special numbers, and both tickets won. Talk about an anniversary they won’t forget.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that our lottery winners crave.

When breaking the news to one woman from Victoria, she simply said to us she was just so relieved she didn’t have to use layby to buy her new mattress.

If you won $35 million you might want to spend it on a fancy new car or a new house, but that wasn’t the case for a Victorian family who first just wanted a new washing machine.

A man from Redlands Shire in Queensland declared he was able to finally make his dream of never mowing the lawn again a reality, by using his windfall to hire a mower man for the rest of his life. Look out for him relaxing every weekend in 2019.

The feeling of a division one win can make you feel like you’re walking on air, but one Eden man from New South Wales took that saying quite literally stating to us he was going to buy a new pair of sandals with his windfall.

If you receive that winning news this year, would you do something quirky with your windfall? We can’t wait to hear our winners’ stories in 2019!