Stone the crows! It's not just the colourful language, obsession with sports, and love of Vegemite that makes Aussies unique, but also how we choose to use our lottery windfalls. 

Research conducted by Australia’s official lotteries, the Lott, has debunked the myth that Aussie division one winners “blow it all”.  

Instead, the in depth interviews with 40 division one winners from the past three years delved into the division one winning experience and found that while winning meant different things to different people, all were still enjoying the freedom from stress their windfalls gave them. 

The Lott spokesperson Elissa Lewis said the research found that after the thrill and excitement of the life-changing news, Aussie lottery winners invariably took a no-nonsense approach to their prize. 

“When Aussies think about winning division one in our lottery games, they often fantasise about a no-limits lifestyle, complete with houses, boats, cars and travel,” she said. 

“In reality, real division one winners told us they were more conservative with their windfall as they saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change their lives of those of their nearest and dearest.  

“Paying off the mortgage, enjoying a holiday around Australia or overseas, and helping their family, friends and community are by far the most common ways people choose to use their lottery prize. 

“Of course, Aussies are a diverse bunch, so we certainly hear some unique tales of how winners celebrated and used their division one prizes – everything from haircuts to beach houses! 

“But Aussies are a down-to-earth bunch and seem to keep it real regardless of their new millionaire status.  As one winner told us: 

A lot of workmates and other friends have said ‘You used to be the bogan from Melba Park and you are still the bogan from Melba Park!’.” 

Are these ten 2017 division one winners the most Aussie lottery winners ever? 

Buying your best mate a new 4WD: In May 2017, a generous Cooroy man surprised his best mate with a new 4WD after winning more than a quarter-of-a-million dollars.
Celebrating your new multi-millionaire status by getting a haircut: In April 2017, a young Darwin man planned to celebrate becoming an overnight multi-millionaire by simply getting a long-overdue haircut.
Discovering you’ve won the Lotto while watching the cricket on TV: In January 2017, a couple from the western suburbs of Adelaide were “half asleep” watching the cricket when they decided to check their entry.
Party first, mortage second: In February 2017, A Bulahdelah man and his family admitted they were still hungover two days later from celebrating their win, which they’ll use to pay off their mortgage.
Buying that beach house you’ve always dreamt of: In December 2017, an Ipswich man discovered he was a millionaire while hanging out the washing on his hills hoist. He and his wife plan to use the windfall to get the beachhouse they’ve always wanted.
Discovering you won the Lotto a year ago while cleaning the car: In February 2017, a man from the Newcastle region discovered had become a millionaire more than a year earlier after finding the winning ticket while cleaning his car.
Coveting your neighbour’s house In July 2017, a Hills Shire man planned to buy his neighbour’s house and renovate it.
Helping out your hometown: In August 2017, a A Broken Hill couple planned to use their million-dollar win to help charities and organisations their beloved hometown.
Getting a new pet for that new house: In March 2017, a A new house and a new kitten were just some of the additions a Colac woman was planning to make to her life after winning more than $2 million.
Keeping your winning lotto ticket safe – in the freezer: In April 2017, A hardworking Benalla man kept his division one winning ticket safe and secure until he could claim his prize… by putting it in a Tupperware container in the freezer.  

The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached more than 240 so far this financial year.