While a major prize can land anytime and anywhere, it turned out to be a winning week for South Australia, with five thrilled players from the state scoring big within just five days! 

Of course, there were plenty of other winning moments across the country. Check them out below!

Cancelled holiday leads to Morphett Vale woman’s $1 million Monday X Lotto win

The week started on a high when a Morphett Vale woman discovered she was a millionaire while watching the footy with her husband. 

“I saw the winning numbers come up on the screen,” she explained. 

“I thought to myself ‘a few of those look familiar’ so I went to check my ticket.

"I saw that I had all of the winning numbers and I was screaming out to my husband ‘I’m a millionaire! I’ve just won $1 million!’.”

The woman revealed that under different circumstances, she’d currently be holidaying in Europe and never would have purchased the winning ticket. Now, she’s looking forward to the day she can rebook her travel plans and you can bet she’ll be flying business class! 

Adelaide couple seal $750,000 X Lotto win in ink with matching tattoos of winning numbers

If you think you wouldn’t recognise your Lotto numbers if they came up on TV, perhaps you could consider getting them tattooed! That’s what an Adelaide couple are doing after they scored division one in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw! 

The winning woman shared they are long-time players, but only recently switched to picking a few random numbers when playing online. 

“They weren’t special numbers at the time, but they are definitely special now!” she exclaimed. 

“My hubby reckons we’re going to get them tattooed on our arms! We’ll always remember them!”

The self-confessed battlers are dreaming of a caravanning holiday and look forward to a more relaxed future.

“I think I am going to faint!” Port Lincoln winner shocked by $100,000 win

Looks like there might be a caravanning boom in the southern state as another winner revealed she can’t wait to use her prize to hit the open road. 

The Port Lincoln player scored $100,000 in a Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw and was completely overwhelmed by the exciting news.

“God I never thought I would win this much! I think I am going to faint! I am all lightheaded!” she said. 

“I am going to drive home and tell my partner right now! This is just insane. I can’t wait to see his face.” 

“I feel a million bucks” jokes Muswellbrook Wednesday Lotto winner

As much as we loved hearing from our crowd of thrilled South Australian players this week, it was a nice change to see an exciting million-dollar prize land in New South Wales on Wednesday night. A winning Muswellbrook woman took out division one but had no idea until we called the following morning. 

“Oh my god! Are you serious! I’ve won a million dollars? Are you serious?

"This isn’t a prank call, is it?” she questioned. 

“Everything has always gone wrong for us. You have no idea how much this means. It means our luck is finally turning around!” 

Australia’s only dedicated paediatric brain cancer research centre receives $500,000 boost

While we always love hearing our winners’ dreams, this week we met with a special group of people who are dreaming of a future without childhood brain cancer. 

Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease and the Children’s Brain Cancer Centre, launched by the Children’s Hospital Foundation is on a mission to change that. 

We were proud to donate $500,000 from Golden Casket unclaimed prize money to help them in their goal. Their team of world-class experts are giving children with brain cancer a greater chance at a brighter future. 

What are you dreaming of? Did you have a win of your own this week? Use #winningfeeling to share your story with us.