Saturday Lotto, the mother of all lottery games, delivered more than flannelette pyjamas and flowers on Mother's Day, with some mums being surprised by a major lottery win.

Elsewhere, other multi-million-dollar winners are happily making long-held dreams a reality. 

Take a look at this week’s big lottery loots:

Saturday’s Superdraw sets the scene for an unforgettable Mother’s Day!

Last weekend’s Saturday Lotto Superdraw saw 14 division one winning entries across the nation share the $20 million jackpot.

One of these winners was a Dapto grandmother, who was left smiling from ear to ear after the ticket she received as a Mother’s Day present from her grandson scored her more than $1.4 million.

“Oh my god! Woo-hoo!” she screamed.

“It’s definitely an unforgettable Mother’s Day!

“I’ve struggled to sleep last night, and probably won’t sleep at all tonight as well.”

Oz Lotto crowns two $15 million winners along the eastern seaboard

A Queenslander and New South Welshman shared Tuesday’s Oz Lotto jackpot, with each walking away with $15 million.

The man from Gladstone in Queensland attributed his multi-million-dollar win to beginner’s luck as it was the first Oz Lotto ticket he’d ever bought!

“Stop it, brother! This is incredible, thank you!” he yelled. 

“Oh, I think I might throw up. I need to sit down!

“I’m struggling to process this mate! Oh my god, I’m a millionaire!”

Meanwhile, the New South Wales winner, a man in his 30s from Lake Macquarie, is ready to travel the world and have some big Aussie fun with his Oz Lotto prize.

Tolga couple brought to tears by their Set for Life win

A couple from Tolga in Far North Queensland had their world turned upside down this week after they’d scored division one in Set for Life.

The duo discovered their good fortune, the eighth Set for Life division one win of 2023, around midnight on Wednesday, ensuring a sleepless night as they looked forward to $20,000 a month for 20 years.

“I’ve been playing Set for Life every week for several months. I usually only win small amounts in division 6, division 8 and division 9, so this is a real shock!” the winning man shared.

“I can now say I’ve won division one in Set for Life!

“The first thing we will do is buy our very own home. As soon as we saw the prize last night on The Lott app, we knew immediately that we no longer have to rent.”

Victorian man left shaking like a leaf from Monday & Wednesday Lotto win

To close out the week, a Gembrook man admitted his body went into shock after finding out he held the only division one prize in one of the week’s Monday & Wednesday Lotto draws.

Now a millionaire, the Victorian declared the winnings would change his and his family’s lives forever. 

“Oh, my goodness! I’m flabbergasted!” he exclaimed.

“Bingo, bango, bongo! This is the best phone call I’ve ever had.

“Oh, I need to sit down! It’s not easy these days with the cost of living on the rise, and this is going to make the world of difference for my family.”

We will be back next week to share even more of our life-changing wins!