Imagine playing the same lottery ticket since the 70s and finding out your brother also followed your footsteps! That was the reality for one dynamic duo this week who both became newly made millionaires. 

Read our winning snapshot below to find out more: 

Victorian brother duo delighted with double win 

A pair of Victorian brothers won $1 million each in the recent Saturday Lotto draw with the exact same set of special numbers they’ve used for decades!  

One of the brothers is eager to treat his wife and family to a sun filled holiday in Hawaii. 

“It all started in the early days when I went away for a holiday, and my brother put a TattsLotto ticket on for me. Since then, we’ve had the same numbers in every TattsLotto draw,” one of the winning brothers told us.  

“We’re retired now, and my wife really wants to go to Hawaii for a family holiday. So, I think that’s what we will be doing with the prize!” 

Meanwhile, his brother is looking forward to upgrading his home!  

“I didn’t even know my brother still put the same TattsLotto tickets on until I received a call from him on Saturday night!” the other winning brother said.  

“I chose these lottery numbers in the late ‘70s because it was my favourite football team’s numbers… which is Essendon. My brother doesn’t even go for Essendon, he goes for Hawthorne! 

“He rang me earlier today and we’ve already started to plan how we’re going to claim the prize. We will have a nice lunch afterwards to celebrate.” 

Gifted ticket leads to 10 years of prizes!  

A Marsden couple received the gift of a lifetime this week when they received a winning Instant Scratch-Its $10 Live the Life ticket.  

The couple can look forward to $1,000 a week in their bank account for the next 10 years!  

“I don’t know how to feel. It was a massive surprise! We have been having all sorts of setbacks, so this really came at a perfect time,” the winning man said.  

“We are very grateful, and we want to do good with the win. 

“It came when we really needed it, so we hope to help others too.”  

Retirement on the cards for Wombarra grandfather  

A Wombarra man is looking forward to starting his retirement with more quality time with his grandchildren thanks to his recent win. The New South Welshman scored $1 million in the recent Saturday Lotto draw. 

“We can finally do all the travel we’ve wanted to do for years. We can complete the renovations on the house, and we can settle into the rest of our lives in comfort,” the winning man told us.  

“It also means we’re going to be able to spend a lot of time with our grandchildren, which really is the best gift we could have received. 

 “Thank you so much! We’ll share this with our family and it’s going to change all of our lives.” 

Camden man left speechless over windfall 

A Camden dad was struggling to process his $1 million Monday & Wednesday Lotto win this week.  

“I was so shocked, so surprised!” he laughed.  

I’ve told my children about the win and they’re so happy for me. My children keep telling me to retire, and now that I have this win, they’ll say it even more. 

“I’m not sure what I’ll do with the prize. I’m too overwhelmed, but I know it will go to good use.” 

Don’t forget Saturday Lotto’s Superdraw this weekend is giving Aussies the chance to become a millionaire with a massive $20 million prize pool up for grabs.  

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