Family connections, generous causes, and grateful gifts — this week’s winners have proven that a lottery prize can mean so much more when it’s enjoyed with your nearest and dearest.

Check out this week’s winning highlights below:

Holland Park woman’s special numbers set to change her family’s life!

A generous Holland Park woman is keen to put her kids first thanks to her $1.3 million Saturday Lotto win. 

“You dream that this will one day happen but never believe it actually will,” the winning woman said.

“We’ve been playing these numbers for almost 30 years! They finally worked!

“The first thing I’ll do with this prize is pay off my children’s HECS debts. Then I can look at preparing them for the future and maybe even help them break into the property market.”
Monday & Wednesday Lotto win a blessing from loved one

A Mount Hutton woman woke up on cloud nine this morning when she discovered her wondrous $800,000 Monday and Wednesday Lotto windfall! She explained the win felt extra special because of the connection it had to her mum.

“While I’ve been playing Lotto for many years, I’ve been playing these exact numbers consistently in the last six months. I chose these numbers because of my mum,” the winner told us.

“She’s no longer with us, and I wanted to keep her legacy going. I’m sure she’s looking down at me today!

“I’ve always wanted to pay for my family and grandchildren to go on a holiday too. So, now I can plan to go on a big family holiday!”

Mortgage-free future for Rothwell woman

A Rothwell woman has a whole lot to look forward to thanks to her $1.3 million Saturday Lotto win. The winner has some grand plans for how she will spend her prize.

“Regardless of what we decide to do with the house now, we’ll be mortgage and debt free, I can’t believe it,” she told us.

“Of course, I must share it with my children too. It means they’ll be able to purchase their own homes, which is fantastic.

“The last bit of the prize will go to charity. I’m not sure which one yet, but I feel like it’s the right thing to do given we’ve obviously been so fortunate.”
Tea-time triumph for Tassie Lotto winner 

A Hobart woman was in complete and utter shock this week when she scored a wonderful $1.3 million Saturday Lotto win! To celebrate her windfall she poured herself a soothing cup of tea.

“Oh my god! I’m finding it hard to breathe! “I’m absolutely stunned, just staggered! I can’t believe it,” she joyfully cried.

“I’ve played TattsLotto for a long time. I’ve won a lot of little prizes, but never anything like this. I never in a million years thought this would happen to me.

“It’s been a difficult time, and this will really help my family.”

Grandma takes gift giving to the next level 

A Chelsea man may just have the best grandma ever after being gifted the prize of a lifetime! Thanks to his Instant Scratch Its Birthday present he can look forward to $100,000 hitting his account.

“This was a gift from my grandma for my birthday. Every year, she gives me $20 or $30 worth of Instant Scratch-Its tickets,” the winning man said. 

“It’s really exciting. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We’re hoping to buy our first house for our young family, and we might even go to Fiji for a holiday!”

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