The weather forecast showed showers in Coffs Harbour today, but for a local middle-aged family man, it’s raining prize money, thanks to his $63 million Powerball win! 

Catch up on this incredible story and more winning highlights from the week: 

Powerball crowns second and third division one winners of the year  

A Coffs Harbour man and a Western Australian player have each scored more than $60 million, sharing Powerball’s $120 million jackpot.

The winning Coffs Harbour man checked his ticket this morning to discover the news.

“Mate, it’s huge!” he said. 

“I’ve started a wish list already. Straight up – a red sports car, a new house, holidays, you name it. I also really want to look after my family.

“It’s funny as I’ve been watching the news all morning, and they were saying someone’s won Powerball in Coffs Harbour. I’m sitting here thinking, ‘I can’t believe that winner is me!’.”
Nine division one Saturday Lotto winners on cloud nine!  

Aussies on the mainland might like to joke about Tasmania being the forgotten younger sibling, but the Apple Isle certainly wasn’t forgotten in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw. 

There were nine division one winning entries in our latest Saturday Lotto draw with two division one entries landing in Tassie.  Each entry scored a sensational $633,095.20! 

One of these entries was held by an Ulverstone woman who popped to the shops and returned with a division one win! 

“I’m shaking and crying! I just came down to get some sugar as I’ve been doing some cooking, but I thought I’d check my ticket while I was there. I’m just over the moon,” she said.

Taylor Lakes man’s birthday wish comes true  

A Taylor Lakes man is ready to pick up the tools and start building his dream home after scratching an Instant Scratch-Its top prize worth $1,000 a week for the next five years! 

“My daughter was asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and I said to her, ‘I want the chance to win enough money so I can build my dream home,” he explained. 

“So, instead of buying me shirts and jocks, she bought me a few Instant Scratch-Its and lottery tickets. We couldn’t believe it when we saw I’d won the top prize. We just kept screaming!”
Move over candles and cake! Seven Hills man unwraps $100,000 birthday surprise  

Another player toasting their birthday celebrations with a major lottery win is a Seven Hills man who snared a $100,000 win in a recent Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw.

When we dialed the hard-working man to reveal the celebratory news, he was tied up at work and completely oblivious to his early birthday surprise. 

“Oh my god! Oh my god! I’m at work right now, and I had absolutely no idea! I missed some important work phone calls for this one, but I’m so glad I answered your call. This is so exciting,” he cheered.

“My birthday is coming up this month, so this is such a great early birthday gift. It’s magic! What a birthday wish” 

We can’t wait to see what we're in for next week. Best of luck!