From a Saturday Lotto multi-millionaire set to spoil his pups, a shocking $100 million Powerball surprise and morning rituals leading to windfalls — it’s been a spectacular week of winners! 

Catch up on the winning highlights: 

Bankstown man bags $100 million Powerball prize 

A Bankstown dad was in complete shock when we broke the news of his $100 million Powerball win directly after the highly anticipated draw. The winning man burst into hysterical laughter and slapped his face a few times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming! The New South Welshman is now Australia’s second-biggest lottery winner after holding the only division one winning entry.  

“Oh! Oh! Are you sure?! Have you got the right person?” he questioned.   

“This is unbelievable! I’ve won $100 million!? Am I dreaming? I’m a millionaire now?!  

“We’re going to struggle to sleep tonight.” 

Coomera man set to spoil his pups 

A Coomera man bagged a $2.5 million windfall on the weekend thanks to Saturday Lotto.  While many winners have plans on sharing with their nearest and dearest, this winner had plans to share with his four-legged friends!  

“Jeez! This is beautiful!” the winning man said.  

“First thing we’ll do is take the dogs to see a professional groomer and get them looking schmick. 

“I keep looking at the ticket and the win amount and thinking, ‘that’s just too many bloody numbers, it can’t be real’.” 

Morning ritual turns into $25,000 win 

A Hurstville man’s morning routine of buying a newspaper and an Instant Scratch- Its ticket has turned into a $25,000 prize thanks to his $2 Fortune teller ticket. The winner is looking forward to living a more fun-loving life!  

“I was in absolute shock this morning mate!” the winning man told us. 

“It’s great! It means I can live with security and have a little bit more fun in the future. 

“What an amazing feeling. Thank you!” 

Yagoona man’s lucky charm  

A Yagoona man is attributing his $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot windfall to his partner. The winning man believed his win was thanks to ‘lady luck’ being by his side!  

“It’s definitely come at the perfect time,” he said.  

“I’m going to share this win with her and share some with the kids! 

“I think we’ll have to go into town to celebrate, maybe go see a show like Mamma Mia!” 

While it’s already been a massive week of wins, Saturday Lotto’s $30 Million Megadraw could be saving the best till last. For the chance to become a Megadraw millionaire, don’t forget to grab your entry into this special event before the draw closes on Saturday 24 June at 7:30pm AEST.  

That’s a wrap for this week!