Much like the weather, our hearts warmed up this week by a grandmother who is planning to set her family up for life and plenty of fathers who had their days made with extraordinary wins.  

Check out some of our favourite stories below! 

Tears of joy for Logan woman 

A Logan grandmother has attributed her $10 million Oz Lotto win to her late grandmother. The winning woman couldn’t help but burst into tears when she discovered her windfall.  

“It was the fourth game on my entry that won, and the number four was my mum’s lucky number. It feels like she’s been looking down on me and thought we needed a helping hand,” the winning woman laughed.  

“I can make sure my children and grandchildren are set up for life! 

“We’re not lucky people so this is absolutely shocking. But I’m sure my mum played a part in this and is looking down on us smiling.” 

Gifted Superdraw ticket leads to win 

A Cohuna man unwrapped the gift of a lifetime on Father’s Day when he scored a winning ticket! The winning dad bagged $2.5 million in Saturday Lotto. 

“I had to wait until my husband came home from work to give him the gift,” his wife told us. 

“You should’ve seen his face when I gave it to him. He just couldn’t believe it. 

“We had to wait until our children came over for dinner to tell them the news. My husband already had a tear in his eye before he could let them know.” 

A Father’s Day to remember 

An Upper Coomera father was caught by complete surprise when he scratched a $10,000 Instant Scratch-Its top prize.  

“I was actually busy at work when I scratched the ticket, so it was a lovely surprise,” the winning father said.  

“I got it as a gift for Father’s Day. 

“My family are very excited. I’ll be sharing the prize with them.” 

Persistence pays for pair of mates 

A pair of Ambarvale mates are looking forward to not only sharing their friendship but also a $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot prize! 

“This win is shared with one of my friends. We’ve been buying a ticket together in these draws for quite some time now,” he said.  

“We’ve been doing this for a year and a half, and we only ever play Lucky Lotteries! 

“I’ll be going on a holiday, that’s for sure! I’m not sure what my friend will do with his share of the prize but there’s a good possibility that we will celebrate this win tonight!” 

If you weren’t delighted with a division one win this week, don’t forget Saturday Lotto has a $10 million special event this weekend! Could you be our next Lotto millionaire? Good luck everyone.