A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but almost losing a division one winning ticket begins with a single misstep! One winner this week is counting himself extra lucky after his lottery ticket unintentionally travelled across the globe and back. 

Catch up on his story and more winning moments below: 

Returning from holiday with more than just momentous memories!  

A Mernda man recently came back from an overseas holiday and finally decided to check his entry after more than two weeks away from home.  

To his surprise, he bagged $775,000 in a recent Saturday Lotto draw. We’re sure he’s glad he didn’t misplace this winning ticket during his travels! 

“My wife and I were on holidays overseas for a couple of weeks, and I had accidentally taken the ticket with me. I had no idea it had won division one!” the winning man said.  

“Gosh, the amount of times I’d taken cash in and out of the wallet. I could’ve lost the ticket a hundred times! 

“I’m at the age of retirement, so perhaps this will allow me to cut back on hours or even retire earlier than expected.” 

Drysdale couple look forward to paying house mortgage in full  

A Drysdale couple is keen to fulfill their dreams of owning their home outright after their Saturday Lotto ticket delivered them a $2.7 million windfall!  

“We’re still trying to wrap our heads around it all,” the winning couple said.  

“It’s crazy to think that one ticket has delivered a $2.7 million win! 

“We will definitely share the win around.”   

Premonition leads to a phenomenal lottery windfall! 

A Beaudesert man has always thought he would win big,  and his inkling has definitely paid off this week. A recent Lotto draw bagged him a $1 million win.  

“Can you say $1 million again? It sounds pretty good that’s all!” the winning man laughed. 

“I’m honestly not surprised! I always told my family, ‘I definitely know I’m going to win one day!’. 

“I’ll be able to retire, I’ll be able to help my kids cement their futures and I’ll be able to have some fun with it too.” 

Lucky Lotteries win inspires man to prioritise more family time 

An Iluka man is eager to spend more time with his nearest and dearest and treat his beloved wife to some travel thanks to his $100,000 Lucky Lotteries windfall! 

“I’ve never won anything like this,” the winning man told us.  

“I’ll tell you what, I own everything I’ve got – all that’s left to do is take my wife on an overdue trip to see our nearest and dearest! 

“It’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling.” 

Don’t forget to register your entry to a Lott members players card. That way your prize is secure, no matter how far your ticket accidentally travels. Have a winning week!