A university student strikes gold, a business owner gets a boost, and a generous dad is set to become ‘father of the year’. 

Meet some of the deserving Aussies who scored big this week! 

Small business owner gets a boost with $5 million Oz Lotto windfall

Plenty of new lottery winners tell us they can’t wait to take off on their dream holiday, but a Port Melbourne man broke the mould this week explaining that his $5 million Oz Lotto win has him feeling more motivated than ever to get stuck into work.

“I was just on the phone with my business partner when you called, so I’ll have to call her back in a moment and tell her this amazing news,” he said when we confirmed his prize. 

“We’re in the process of starting a new business, so this has come at the most perfect time!” 

 “This will go straight to that – it's a dream come true!”

The Hills Shire couple predict unbelievable $4 million Powerball win

In other big wins, a couple from The Hills Shire revealed themselves to be the mystery Powerball winners we’d been searching for. While we’d been left wondering who had taken out the recent Powerball jackpot, the pair explained they’d had a hunch it was them all along. 

“My husband heard someone from Quakers Hill had won Powerball. We regularly buy our tickets from Quakers Hill, so he started to think it could be us,” the ecstatic woman told us. 

 “He waited until I got home that night so we could check the ticket together. He really thought we’d won and then he convinced me of it, too!

 “When we checked the ticket, we were so nervous because we were expecting the win. We couldn’t stop shaking! Once we realised it was true, it was mind-blowing!”

Young Bundaberg man scores pot of gold thanks to $50,000 Instant Scratch-Its win

While our Powerball winners had an inkling a win was headed their way, a young Bundaberg uni student was completely oblivious he’d scored the Golden Edition $50K promotion prize on the $5 Golden Edition Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

“I’m just at university now, and I’ve had to step out of my class to hear this news. It’s insane!” he exclaimed. 

“I’m so excited right now. I’d entered a few tickets into the promotion. I’m stoked I’ve won!

 “I’ll use the prize to pay some of my student loans, and I’d love to go on an overseas trip. I’ll plan something with my family to celebrate, too. This is huge for me! It’s so exciting.”
Narrabeen woman to give back to her community after $1.2 million Saturday Lotto win

More heartwarming reactions occurred this week when a new Narrabeen millionaire explained how she’d be paying her prize forward. 

“I’ll think very carefully about what I do next, but this win will just allow me to support my family in

whatever life throws at us,” she said.

“I also want to give back to the community and a number of charities.

“It’s important to make sure you make a difference after a win like this”.
‘Father of the year!’: Robina dad to give entire $100,000 lottery win to son

Giving back might just be the theme of the week, as another generous winner explained his entire Lucky Lotteries prize would be going to his son. 

“Oh, wow! That’s wonderful news,” the Robina winner said when we broke the news.  

“My son has helped me out tremendously in recent years and this entire prize will go to him.

 “Once I receive the money, I’ll transfer it straight into his bank account!

 “He will be super chuffed to hear about it today. We will hit the town and have a nice dinner to celebrate tonight!”

We can’t wait to make a difference to more winning Aussies next week. Good luck!