One of our major lottery winners took meditation to a whole new level this week – attributing their unforgettable Set for Life win to this calm and stress-free technique. 

With Oz Lotto also delivering big and a huge Powerball jackpot on the horizon, check out this week’s winning highlights below!

Doncaster man set to share the love 

One phone call from us transformed a hard-working Doncaster dad’s life this week after he matched all seven winning numbers in Oz Lotto and scored $20 million!  

“I’ve got my whole family gathered around the phone right now. My wife is happy, my daughter is very happy. It’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.” the winning man said. 

When we asked what he plans on doing with his prize the winning man told us he plans on sharing with his nearest and dearest!  

“Most importantly, I’ll help my family. I’ll share it around,” he shared. 

“You’ve brightened my day!” 

Gympie couple’s meditation and manifestation comes to life! 

A Gympie couple felt woozy and weak in the knees upon discovering their manifested windfall. The couple took home division one in Set for Life, scoring them an amazing annuity prize of $20,000 per month for the next 20 years! 

“This is extremely wonderful. We’re so shocked,” the winning husband said. 

“We’ve often dreamt about winning Set for Life, but never have expected it to ever happen. It’s something we’ve manifested, and my wife has even meditated about it. 

“The universe works in mysterious ways. We’re super grateful.” 
Berry man in complete and utter shock 

A Berry Park man spent some of his weekend in complete shock while refreshing his computer screen, questioning the reality of his $1.7 million windfall in Saturday Lotto.  

The New South Wales man was too surprised to make any current concrete plans with his million-dollar prize!  

“I spent the first 20 minutes refreshing the page to see if it was real,” the winning man said. 

“My partner and I have been thinking all morning about what we’ll do with the prize. 

“It’s a hard one to wrap our heads around.” 

$100 million Powerball jackpot arrives just in time for the new financial year! 

Powerball has soared to a whopping $100 million for next Thursday’s draw! Powerball draw 1414 on Thursday 22 June will offer the largest jackpot offered by any Australian lottery game so far in 2023!  

Make sure to grab your entries ahead of the draw on Thursday night by 7.30pm AEST for your chance to win the $100 million jackpot – and don’t forget to register those entries to a players card or online The Lott account so we can contact you with any winning news!

That’s all for this week. Have a winning week!