While lottery loots have landed left, right and centre this week, the top priority for our latest bunch of winners has been putting family first and using their prize to spoil their nearest and dearest.  

One winner even believes her win was all thanks to a family Facetime call. 

Check out our winning highlights below:  

Melvern woman links Lotto windfall to her niece  

A Melvern woman shared a special moment with her niece on the weekend just moments before she won division one in Saturday Lotto. The winning woman bagged $535,000 that she is attributing to her niece wishing her good luck with the entry! 

“My niece and I had a FaceTime call on the night that I won. I told her that I had a ticket on in TattsLotto and another family member in the background said to wish me good luck, so she did,” she said.   

“She’s the only one I’ve told about the win so far - we’ve always had a great relationship! I had one of her special numbers on the ticket, as well as my beloved mum. 

“I’ll definitely be sharing the prize with some family members.” 

Padstow woman set to fulfil her children’s dreams 

A Padstow woman is also planning to share her newfound fortune with her family after she discovered she won $1 million in Monday and Wednesday Lotto. The emotional winner was breathless as she explained how much her and her children’s lives would change thanks to her prize. 

“I can’t stop the tears. You don’t know how much this means to my kids and I. I’m shaking! I can barely hold onto the phone,” the winning woman said.  

“I’ll be able to pay off my mortgage, which is going to be an enormous weight lifted from my shoulders. 

“Then, I want to help my children break into the property market to allow them to fulfil their dreams.” 
Spur-of-the-moment decision leads to $670,000 win 

A Caulfield man is looking forward to finding a new place to call home for his family after he took out a $670,000 Saturday Lotto windfall in the weekend’s draw. The winning man explained he purchased his ticket on a whim and never expected it to score a division one prize.   

“I’ve been playing on and off for years now. It’s not a regular occurrence – just now and then,” the man shared.  

“I was walking past the newsagency in Caulfield and decided to treat myself to a ticket. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision.  

“We’re hoping to find a new family home, whether it’s an apartment or a house.”  
Willaston man prepares to delight daughter with $100,000 prize 

While we love to break the winning news to everyday Aussies, it’s always a joy to imagine how they will go on to break the news to their loved ones. When we called a Willaston man earlier this week, he was itching to get off the phone to us so he could go celebrate his $100,000 Lucky Lotteries prize with his daughter.  

“I don’t even know what to say!” the winning man said. 

“My daughter will be so stoked! I can’t wait to tell her. 

“I’m not sure how we will celebrate tonight but I will definitely be putting this toward a house deposit.” 

Who would you share your winning news with? Happy playing everyone!