We’ve had one winner this week confess they’ve barely slept a wink, while another has been happily dozing off dreaming of a new car — and it’s all thanks to some exciting lottery prizes!  

Check out this week’s top winning moments:

Gold Coast man counting cars in his sleep

A Gold Coast man said he’s never slept better since he discovered his $2.6 million Saturday Lotto division one win.

“This is absolutely mind-blowing! I’m struggling to comprehend it in all honesty,” he said. 

“I’m not going to retire yet, but I will cut back on my work.” 
“Two or three days a week sounds perfect, but the main problem I have is I can’t make a decision on which car I want to buy to get me there! 

“I’m sure it’ll come to me. It’s what I think about as I doze off at night. You could say it’s a dream come true!”
Lake Macquarie mum wide awake after multi-million prize  

While our Gold Coast winner has been having sweet dreams, our second Saturday Lotto division one winner couldn't sleep a wink following the discovery of her $2.6 million prize.

“I looked at my ticket and I thought it looked strange. There were too many numbers, too many zeros, and confetti appeared on the screen,” the winning woman said.

“I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know if it was real.

“I had such a sleepless night because all I could think about was the win.” 
Gift that keeps on giving 

A Devonport grandfather received the birthday gift of a lifetime when he scored a $10,000 prize on his Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

“Our granddaughter purchased the ticket in a gift pack for me for my birthday!” he told us.

“I think I might share some of this prize with my granddaughter!

“The rest will help with renovations and a holiday! I need to get to Queensland. The sun is up there!”

Instant surprise for Bribie Island man 

The birthday wins continued with a Bribie Island man who also bagged a $10,000 Instant Scratch-Its prize. 

“We can’t believe it. I received it as a gift from my wife for my birthday. I didn’t scratch it for maybe three to four days,” the winning man told us. 

“We haven’t celebrated the win yet as we had a lot of family over, but we’re planning on going on a nice weekend away to the coast. The wait will be worth it!

“This prize has allowed us to plan a trip overseas to see our son and his family. We will be able to stay for a lot longer and explore where he lives!”

That’s a wrap for this week! We look forward to talking to more winners new Aussie winners soon.