There's been nothing but excitement this week here at The Lott. Starting off August strong, a Darwin man bagged a Monday & Wednesday Lotto win and Powerball crowned multiple multi-millionaires on Thursday! 

Check out the winning highlights below: 

Bringing home more than just the bacon! 

A Darwin man’s trip to the grocery store turned into more than just breakfast. The winning man bagged a $1 million Monday & Wednesday Lotto win. 

“I’ve barely slept all weekend — all I could think about was the win. I think I finally passed out from being so tired last night,” the winning man said.  

“I had to be somewhere the next morning but because I couldn’t sleep, I got up super early and went to window shop some cars while on my way there. 

“I thought a new car would be nice and I could buy a new one now. But you wouldn’t believe it, it was about 4am and it hit me that it’s too early to be looking at cars at a car yard.”   

Powerball syndicate shares slice of $100 million 

Two winning entries shared a slice of the Powerball jackpot – a mystery Victorian player and a 10-member syndicate from Sydney! Each of the entries pocketed $50 million. We were able to contact one of the syndicate members straight after the draw and they were in complete and utter shock.  

“Holy s***! Holy s***!” he cheered.  

“I’m in shock. You’ve changed my life.  

“I’m going to buy a house and look after my brother and sister. They’re my priority.” 

We haven’t been able to contact all the winners yet so make sure to check your entries!  

Birthday made for Moonta woman 

A Moonta woman unwrapped the gift of a lifetime over the weekend. The South Australian was gifted a Saturday Lotto ticket that scored her a $2.58 million win!  

“I can’t stop looking at the ticket. It’s unbelievable,” she cheered. 

“Buying a house will be the first thing we do which is amazing. 

“This ticket is a gift, so we look forward to giving back to our families. They’ve changed our lives and we look forward to doing the same.” 
Monbulk shoppers share $2.66 million 

Another syndicate was celebrating their success this week with 20 Monbulk shoppers bagginged a $2.66 million Saturday Lotto windfall! Each of the 20 syndicate members scored $133,346.57. Some members of the winning Victorian syndicate mat have yet to discover their prize so make sure you check your entries!  

Don’t forget there’s still the chance to finish your week as a winner. Saturday Lotto’s $20 million Superdraw (draw 4387) is this weekend! Superdraws are renowned for making millionaires so make sure to grab your entry for the chance to win. We hope to be hearing your winning story soon.