From screams of delight, stunned silence, and utter disbelief — the last seven days have been a rollercoaster of reactions as we welcomed our newest winners. 

Check out our wrap of this week’s million-dollar winning stories, plus some of our other favourite feel-good news to brighten your day! 

Hampton East man’s $1.2 million win a literal dream come true

Have you ever had a vivid dream that you wished would come true?

Well, this week we spoke to a Hampton East man who dreamt he won the lottery and used his prize to help his family landscape their garden.

The very next morning, he woke up and checked his Tattslotto ticket to discover he had in fact won $1.2 million! 

“It was literally a dream come true!” he told us in disbelief. 

As for how he’ll use his prize — “I’d better stick to the original plan I made in my dream!” he laughed.

Lennox Head woman receives ultimate million-dollar gift from her husband! 

A Lennox Head man is vying for the title of ‘Best Husband of the Year’, after he purchased his wife a Saturday Lotto ticket that won them more than $1.2 million! 

“What a good gift!” the winning woman told us. 

“It’s just amazing. It feels surreal!”.

It’s a thrilling win for the couple who will use their prize to buy a new home. But, we’re not sure how the husband will ever top that gift! 

Brighton-Le-Sands man has the best reason to ditch work

Sometimes you choose not to go to work because you’re unwell, or have an appointment, or there’s an important family event. But for one Brighton-Le-Sands man, he skipped work this week for an entirely different reason! 

“Are you kidding me? Are you serious right now?” he questioned as we told him he had won $1 million in Monday Lotto. 

“I am not going to work today. No way am I going. I had a weird feeling this morning that I wouldn’t be going to work today, and now I actually have a reason not to!”.

We’d say becoming a millionaire is the perfect excuse to take the day off. 

Instant joy for Instant Scratch-Its winners

In addition to our newly minted millionaires, there were also plenty of winning moments for Instant Scratch-Its players this week. 

In New South Wales, a Roselands woman is rejoicing after her weekly tradition of buying a scratchie led to a $25,000 win, while in Queensland a Redbank mum was completely stopped in her tracks when she scratched an Instant Scratch-Its ticket and revealed one of the top prizes of $100,000! 

Daniel Morcombe Foundation gears up for Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson

In a win for safer communities, our partner the Daniel Morcombe Foundation is busily preparing to deliver Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson  next week — and you’re invited! 

On Thursday 25 June, the lesson will be livestreamed across the country and will focus on online safety strategies for children aged 8 to 12.

The digital event is free for everyone, and a great way to learn about keeping kids safe both physically and in the online world. 

Register now and head to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation page at 10:00am AEST on 25 June 2020 to take part. 

Have you had a win of your own this week? Share your #winningfeeling to celebrate with us!