From buying a new tractor to bringing retirement closer — our winners this week have had some grand plans on how they would spend their prize!  

Check out the winning highlights below: 

New tractor for Hobart man 

A Hobart man can look forward to driving off into the sunset on a shiny new tractor thanks to a $200,000 Lucky Lotteries win this week. 

“This means I’ll be getting my tractor!!” he cheered when we confirmed his prize. 

“I’ve been saving for a tractor for about three years and now I’ll finally get it! 

“Great start to the work-week! Thank you so much.” 

Long-time Lotto player scores big!  

A Mentone man had his dream come true over the weekend when he bagged a $660,000 Saturday Lotto prize.  

“It’s a beautiful feeling. I can’t even describe it,” he laughed. 

“I’ve been playing the same numbers for over 11 years – they came up in a dream! 

“I’m close to retirement too and this will bring it even closer!” 

Albury man's tears of happiness at $700,000 windfall 

A quiet Monday morning was turned upside down for an Albury man. When we called the New South Wales winner, he never expected we’d be delivering the news of a division one win.  

“I thought you were going to say I’d won something like $10,000. I never expected anything like this!” the winning man said. 

“Honestly mate, my wife is sitting here with her arm around my shoulder, and she might pull my head off if she squeezes any tighter.  

“We’ve got children and grandchildren, so they’ll all get some and hopefully we can do something to set them up for the future.” 
Port Pirie man watches win come to life on TV! 

An ad break on TV has never been more captivating for a South Australian man who saw his Saturday lotto numbers appear one-by-one on screen and deliver him a $650,000 prize.   

“I discovered it on Saturday night while watching the footy. The winning numbers came up one by one during an ad break. I thought to myself, ‘those numbers look familiar!’” he said. 

“Then it hit me that those lottery numbers were the numbers on my Saturday X Lotto ticket! 

“We’ve been wanting to make some upgrades to the house and then put it on the market.

“It’s finally achievable for us which is an amazing feeling.” 

We can’t wait to hear what our next batch of winner's plan to do with their prize with. Have a winning week!