This week's winners sure know how to party! From nights on the town to retirees wanting to stay up as late as possible, check out how they celebrated their winning news.  

Retirees partying till the AM 

Twenty-two retirees proved age is no barrier to a good time, as they celebrated their $451,000 Saturday Lotto syndicate win all night and into the early hours of Sunday morning.   

“They all came over, and we stayed up all night celebrating! We had quite a few drinks. We didn’t get to bed until way past midnight,” the syndicate leader said. 

“We’re having another party this week. The best thing is, we’re all neighbours, so we don’t have to worry about noise. 

“It’s going to be wild! We can be as loud as we want and stay up as late as possible celebrating!” 
Girls just want to have fun 

Also enjoying some syndicate success, a group of Eight women from Caroline Springs are planning the ultimate girls’ night out to celebrate their $100,000 Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot win!  

“This is insane. I’m trying to stay calm, but this is a massive win,” the syndicate leader shared. 

“We saw the jackpot was rising, so we decided to buy a weekly ticket. What a great decision that was! 

“I’ll get them all to come over, and we can have some wine. Then we can go out for a girls’ night!” 
Birthday week win 

A Loftus man has a massive week ahead as he celebrates both his birthday, and an extra $100,000 in his bank account thanks to his Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot win!  

“It really tops the list as one of the best birthdays presents, I’ve ever received,” he said. 

“Our family celebrated my birthday already, but we might have to make another excuse to gather together and celebrate this win. 

“We will pop open a bottle of champagne!” 
Melbourne man’s special numbers pay off 

An Altona Meadows man has taken home an amazing Saturday Lotto prize worth over $479,000. When he checked the results in the paper on Sunday morning he knew straight away he was a winner because he recognised his numbers straight away.  

“Those numbers are etched into my memory. I didn’t even need to check my ticket!” he said. 

“I cannot wait to celebrate this win with my family. 

“I am going to claim my prize at The Lott head office, so I get the most out of my winning feeling!” 

We hope you have a great week. Happy playing!