While many of us were busy working, winners this week have been planning how they’ll spend their prize money, from glorious getaways many of us can only dream of to new cars to fit their furry friends.  

Check out this week’s highlights below: 

European escape on the cards  

A Springwood man had a magnificent start to his Monday when he discovered he’d won more than $760,000 in the recent Saturday Lotto draw.  

“What a great call to get Monday morning!” he cheered. 

“I’ll be able to help the kids and set up our family. I’ll pay off some of the mortgage, and my wife and I will be able to go to Europe! 

“How great! I usually play every week, or second week and I always use my favourite numbers.” 

New set of wheels for winning man and his border collies 

A Yorke Peninsula man is looking at buying a brand-new ute after landing a $760,000 Saturday Lotto win.  

“I play every now and then – maybe once a month! The entry is a QuickPick, but I always make sure my lucky number 28 is included in the ticket,” the winning man said.  

“We were thinking of buying a new ute, and we didn’t know if it was within our reach. But we certainly can now! We want to buy something that we can cart our dogs in. We’ve got border collies. 

“Forget celebrating tonight, we’re going to start the celebrations now!”  
Wentworth couple to travel around Australia 

A Wentworth woman who was completely unaware of her win, screamed so loud  she woke up her husband when she found out! The winning woman bagged $200,000 thanks to Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot.  

“Hallelujah! I’ve won $200,000 dollars on a $5 ticket!” the winning woman told us. 

“This means so much. I’ve been praying for this, and I was just watching a movie about angels! 

“Every morning, my husband and I sit outside and talk about what we’d like to do if we won the lotto. We’ve always said we would buy a caravan and travel around Australia. Now we can!”  

Oran Park woman to embark on dreamy holiday 

An Oran Park woman is looking forward to living it up on a much-needed holiday after scoring $760,000 in a recent Saturday Lotto draw.  

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it. Thank you so much,” she said.  

“I honestly haven’t had a moment to decide what I’ll do with the prize. It will probably go towards the mortgage and a holiday. 

 “A cocktail and a holiday somewhere sunny would be nice! It’s been a while since I’ve gone on holiday!” 

Where would you travel if you scored a major lottery prize? We hope to find out soon. Best of luck everyone!